Teen Pregnancy Research Paper

The following paper is an attempt to analyze early motherhood from the different perspectives. An in-depth research was conducted for preparing this teen pregnancy research paper. By and large, early motherhood is considered to be undesirable in most countries. For that matter, the local governments make an effort to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy by developing certain strategies. It should be noted that the overall fertility rate has fallen significantly during the last two decades. According to the statistics, seven percent of the total number of pregnancies constitute teen pregnancy. The governments have special ministries whose aim is to monitor the situation and work out certain strategies that will help to bring down the level of teenage pregnancies. Sex education is considered to be the best way out of this situation. Teenage should be aware of the heavy responsibility that is accepted together with the pregnancy. Boys and girls should be informed about all the potential obstacles that one can come across, i. e. potential threats that may be posed by early motherhood.

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The Causes of Teen Pregnancy

The issues connected with teen pregnancy arise due to the educational failure that has influence on the public opinion. A teen mother is seen as a socially excluded and poor individual. Such social stigma carried by a teenage mother is the result of the media whose impact on people is rather tremendous. The young mothers are often depicted as a negative phenomenon. Unfortunately, such attitude of the society often makes the situation even worth. While preparing this teen pregnancy research paper, it was found that some scholars are convinced that a marital status of a woman is more significant than age. The reason is that the status has an enormous influence on the economic welfare of the future mother. Post-compulsory education can be considered one more crucial factor that should be taken into account. What is more, the pressure on the young parents increases due to fact that setting up an independent home is not cheap and it is getting more expensive. One can assume that early motherhood has a tremendous impact on the social life of both parents. In addition, one should not forget that the early child will also suffer because of the constant attacks connected with the age and social status of his or her parents.

The next thing that is going to be discussed in this teen pregnancy research paper is the influence of early motherhood on a kid. It is proven that a child raised in such family has serious problems with education that in turn leads to low payment as he or she can hardly find well-paid job in future. In addition, the aforementioned children often have problems with behavior as it is not always easy for them to cope with own emotions. That is why it is very important to enhance the protective factors in the environment of a kid. Such attempt can help to reduce the vulnerability and socialize easily. One can conclude that a teen mother should receive highly qualified help of certain specialists to avoid the unnecessary trauma. The support of community can be considered a key factor in this case. Not only media but also legislative norms cause the negative attitude of the society towards early motherhood. All the aforementioned factors lead to the isolation of a young mother and her child. Media should properly depict teen pregnancy. However, this problem is not as simple as it may seem. For that matter, it should be noted that positive depiction of early motherhood is not the best step as such attempt can play a role of promotion and more teens can be involved. Therefore, one should conduct much deeper research on this topic.

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Dealing with the Problem of Teen Pregnancy

Each country has its own approach to the problem of teenage pregnancy. In addition, schools and churches also have different methods. Nevertheless, in this teen pregnancy research paper the aim was to separate the two main methods. The first one is called abstinence-only. According to this approach, the sexual life must be postponed until marriage. This approach is closely connected with the Bible and is mainly taught in church. However, it has negative aspects as well, i. e. appropriate information on effective contraception methods is not received by teens. This second method is connected with informing. Teenagers are given all the necessary information about the methods of contraception and diseases that can be transmitted sexually. The first method that is described is considered not effective due to searches that were carried out during the period of 5 years. As for the second method, it showed to be effective.

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The social stigma carried by a teen mother can cause substantial issues in future. Both a mother and a child face a lot of difficulties and psychological traumas that are caused by the negative influence of media. Meanwhile, the comprehensive and effective sex education programs can assist in preventing early motherhood. Families play a crucial role as they help to overcome social exclusion. This teen pregnancy research paper is an attempt to clarify all the aspects connected with young motherhood and methods that can be effectively used for preventing it.