Global Warming Research Paper

The world has seen the increase of the earth and surface temperatures during the last decades. Researchers believe that this phenomenon mainly comes down to human beings, due to which one can see an abundance of natural disasters, melting glaciers, and the sea level growing more and more every day. Many climatologists provoke a number of heated discussions claiming that the world will not be exposed to significant changes in its nature with only a couple of degrees rise. However, others believe that everything is not so simple and in the nearest future, human activity will extremely negatively influence our ecosystem, which would cause the increase in temperatures and dreadful impacts on our lives as planet inhabitants. Due to the fact that global warming is mainly related to the last decades makes scientists believe that human activity, such as deforestation and release of fossil fuels, could provoke far more negative consequences than people could think of. Some individuals believe that global warming is a far-fetched idea and does not relate to their lives. However, it is the problem that should be resolved on a governmental level since global warming threats are increasing in their number. Do not know how to write such an essay? Buy a global warming research paper from right now!

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The Issue of Global Warming

One of the commonly addressed questions is whether global warming exists and if it will affect people’s lives in any way. For sure, the world experiences a number of natural threats that have nothing to do with human activity, e.g. volcanic eruptions, axis, acid rains, change of the planet’s rotation, erosion, etc. However, all these changes not always negatively influence the life of most species since they are exposed to continuous change of natural habitat and have nothing to do but adapt to those changes. Nevertheless, one fact is undeniable – nature reflects unnaturally high temperatures within short periods of time, which are mostly caused by human activities and presume drastic changes in ecosystem apart from the severe threat to the life of many species. Researchers in global warming have arrived at the conclusion that it is closely interrelated with such climate change reasons as massive deforestation, extensive burning of fossil fuels, and pollution of all natural habitats. Moreover, due to the CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions and other hazardous gases into the atmosphere, the world experiences a greenhouse effect that spreads the radiation and heats the surface of our planet. Therefore, the problem of global warming must be widely discussed and researched to predict all possible negative outcomes.

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Although there is no complete agreement between people about global warming, some people clearly state that there is no need to doubt in the fact that the whole ecosystem will be exposed to significant negative changes. The first opposing idea is that a change of a few degrees in temperature will do no harm to the nature can presume many hidden clues with future implications. According to the researchers, there was an increase of 0.3 – 0.5⁰ C during the last century. Although this numbers seem to be insignificant, they can influence many natural processes. For instance, it causes the earlier laying of eggs, flowering of trees and bushes, breakup of ice, etc. Such changes, in their turn, influence the physical and biological systems and will change the life of many species. Thus, one can be positive that there is a direct link between the changes in the ecosystem and rise of temperature. Moreover, climatologist have claimed that the 21 century can experience the deviation of temperature up to 6⁰ C if nothing would be done to prevent the negative consequences of global warming.

How to Solve the Problem of Global Warming

Many researchers propose their solutions for the global warming issue, but not all of them presume the possible time frame for effective resolution. Nowadays not all regions suffer from the effects of this issue, but researchers state that in future, all parts of the world will be affected. Moreover, researchers state that the US and other developed countries are to be blamed for the issue as they emit the biggest amount of greenhouse gases. On the other side, developing countries are exposed to the biggest risks and consequences of global warming. The question of greenhouse effect and other issues is not being approached by many governments due to the lack of funds required for effective resolution, which is constantly postponed. All preventive measures have to be based on significant funding and joint efforts, without which major contributors of the problem cannot be suppressed. Another question that is vital to be covered is the extent to which emissions of hazardous gases should be restricted since it is impossible to prohibit all emissions done by the industries. Nevertheless, the main obstacle that researchers face is different timing prediction in relation to the extent of global warming, but the issue does not wait for our solutions. The world should unite in its efforts to predict possible consequences of global warming, whereas governments have to launch a number of campaigns and educational programs to involve as many experts as possible.

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Although there are different views on the issue of global warming and its future consequences, the ecosystem has been experiencing changes in climate, which influence all species. Many think that scientists exaggerate and impacts are far-fetching, but even now many natural habitats sustain negative changes. If you need a global warming research paper, do not hesitate to contact for expert writing assistance.

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