Edgar Allan Poe Research Paper

Many people associate the name of Edgar Allan Poe with such words as fear and anxiety. In addition, the novelists utilized the themes and motifs that impacted the next generations of authors, which can even be characterized as one popular culture with a number of similar traits. Poe is famous for a great deal of quotes and images known in different countries, so that most of scriptwriters and novelists utilize his heritage in their works. Thus, the horror genre has introduced a big part of Poe’s heritage into its motifs, so that modern fans do not even realize that success of horror movies depend much on the author’s work. Edgar Allan Poe research paper presented below  discusses how the images of anxiety, fear, and morbidity are reflected in the works of horror genre and how the author compares the fictional events with the real time moments in life.

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Life

Readers say that the biography of Edgar Allan Poe can be characterized as a full of mystery events, whereas writer was fond of fantasy and exaggeration. Therefore, his critics and biographers could hardly differentiate between the made up events and real ones that occurred in Poe’s life since it was very challenging to comprehend information from the author’s words. Nevertheless, biographers established that one fact was true – Poe used to be a troubled child. By this claim, they mean that Edgar Allan Poe was adopted by a family, where parents used to be young actors not taking care of their kid. Father was such an alcohol addict that he even played drunk on stage, which ended up with him leaving home. Wife and children did not saw him ever again, hardly making ends meet.

When Poe was a small child, his mother died due to a fatal fall. Then the boy was adopted by a good family with a favorable reputation – Allens, the family fully engaged in business affairs. Edgar Allan Poe used to be a good student and school teachers said that he had many talents, among which was the knowledge of languages. However, Poe instantly changed into ill-behaved and disobedient boy as parents gave him too much pocket money. Probably this gave an impetus for Mr. Allen’s decision to stop providing financial support to his adopted son, though Poe received everything he wanted in his childhood. It is the key biographical fact, which made Edgar Allan Poe strive for obtaining a higher degree on his own, without any support. Moreover, due to profound school education, it was easier for Poe to develop his already existing talents and become famous in different parts of the world.

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Specifics of Poe’s Style

Many readers adore Poe for his extremely realistic use of science fiction, when everyone is terrified with the frighten images and scenes. Fiction writing of Edgar Allan Poe was somehow different from the other author’s, which means that he utilized the innovative approach in his writing to attract the readers. In addition, author was able to describe the mental disorders and visions of drug addicts in a very precise manner, which made his works very famous. The author understood that imagination can be stirred with the use of opium, which is the reason why people wanted to change the reality they lived in. Although this idea was not new at that time as it was vividly described by other authors such as Aldous Huxley, the description of Poe’s characters went even far with the ability to make readers sympathize with the addicts and understand the reasons why they have resorted to such life. One of the famous stories of Edgar Allan Poe “The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether” showed a small and almost invisible line, which presumed the comparison between the sane people and lunatics. It reflects the events when the mad house director went insane and decided to make his former patients rebel against the administration and nursing rules. Finally, in the story, Poe emphasized that people are on the verge of sanity and insanity, whereas people that society believes to be insane can see much more in their life in comparison to the society as the whole.

Some Edgar Allan Poe’s contemporaries perceived his works more seriously than author predicted, which was the case with the poem “Eureka.” Poe stated that this poem had to be perceived only as a poem, but his contemporaries saw scientific treatise. Critics believe that Edgar Allan Poe did not pay attention to providing enough scientific facts to prove his standpoint. However, if to perceive the case from a completely different angle, in the years of Poe, little research had been dedicated to the discussion of how the world was created. Therefore, even those ideas expressed by the Poe were based on the classic theories and presumed scientific value. Poems of such nature were based more on the intuition rather than on deductive or inductive motifs, but Poe indeed tried to understand the basis of the universe. Therefore, one can conclude that Poe tried to combine both his imaginative events and scientific facts, experimenting with his writing style.

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Edgar Allan Poe made substantial contribution to the development of horror fiction and other scientific genres by his brand new writing strategies. His poems and short stories have been considered remarkable for the combination of fictional events and scientific facts. Poe significantly impacted the works of his contemporaries, whereas literature and cinematography elements still draw their inspiration from Poe’s stories. If you do not want to write Edgar Allan Poe research paper, you may leave it to professionals who will go an extra mile to please your demands.