Gun Control Research Paper

One of the most controversial topics is related to the stricter gun control laws, where individuals can be exposed to a serious danger due to the fact that the whole family or one family member can get seriously injured or even mistakenly killed due to a heated discussion or quarrel. Statistics shows that weapon was introduced to the life of ordinary people with the purpose of self-defense; however, very often it causes nothing more than a tragedy. For sure, there are numerous quarrels almost in every family, but they can end with fatal outcomes only in cases, when family members have access to the firearms. Moreover, researchers state that suicide rates are much higher in families that possess weapons. Thus, one can presume that the possession of firearms even for the purpose of protection can end up with suicide, injuries or even death of family members, which is the key reason why government must restrict to use of firearms. If you do not know how to write a gun control research paper, you can always outsource all your writing tasks to our professional writers at

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The Cons of Possessing Weapon

As criminalists say, the possession of weapons by the family significantly increases the possibilities of domestic violence due to the flaws in gun control laws. Domestic homicide is the topic issue that the US faces with as many families possess one or more firearms. Moreover, there are three times more chances to see the suicide committed by a family member if the gun is easily accessible in comparison to ordinary families that do not possess weapons. The dreadful statistics of the US Congress states that a number of American women are continuously injured by their husbands as around 7% of aggressors resort to gun usage as the only possible way to resolve the conflict. This means that if families possess guns, they increase the chances of being harmed by their family members due to acts of violence. Therefore, the paradox here is that families aimed to protect themselves from the outer threats can be injured or killed due to inner threats as gun control laws are not as strict as people would like them to be. Not always home is the safest place, as people believe. Moreover, apart from killing a family member, people might keep a friend or neighbor thinking that intruder wants to get into the house. The proponents of the gun usage state that there is a need to focus not on the means by which homicide is committed, but on the emotional stability of a person. However, this claim can easily be disproved because if victims utilize firearms, there are very low chances of survival in comparison to other means that help to commit suicide. Although most homicides are committed due to extensive alcohol consumption and rage that when people resort to violence, hundreds of people are injured and killed nowadays due to mild gun control laws.

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It should be noted that murderers have a number of common characteristics and when a person possesses firearms, it does not necessarily mean that he or she will become a murderer with an easy access to gun. Some people believe that the more guns people possess, the bigger are chances of deaths, which is not always true. Those who believe in this claim simply ignore the preconditions of committing the murder. Moreover, according to criminologists, violent crimes are usually committed by the people who used to get involved in serious offenses. Moreover, most of potential criminals ignore gun control laws because they are social deviants with the rich record of acts of violence. Therefore, most of murderers are famous for the recently committed illegal actions that have resulted in the domestic homicides. Nevertheless, one fact is obvious – regardless of the previous histories of assaults or other preconditions of committing murders, the easy access to firearms makes it possible to commit another domestic homicide. Thus, gun control laws should be focused on the strict testing of individuals prior to obtaining gun permission to predict possible fatal outcomes described above. The most important step in restricting gun control laws would be the focus on the statistics of previously committed suicides and homicides, whereas less potential offenders will have access to the guns.

Gun Control Laws

If to address the international gun control laws and the rates of homicides, one would see that there is a clear interdependence between the strict gun control laws and little homicide rates. Researchers have compared the homicide rates in the US and England, where the result is obvious – strict gun control laws positively influence the decreasing number of homicide rates. Therefore, if fewer people have easy access to the firearms, it means that a number of deaths or injuries can be prevented. Nevertheless, criminologists say that the question of homicides can be more complex than people can presume as different other factors have to be taken into consideration. They say that during 1990s, homicide rates remained on a significantly low rate and for a long time remained the same. They say that the problem of gun control have to be seen from a completely different perspective, where other societal issues such as legalization of abortion or the instant increase of population due to immigration in the US have a huge impact on the rates of homicide. Therefore, people cannot come to the common conclusion as they are given different results of the researchers, all of which remain valid to some extent. One fact is obvious – the homicide rates are dependent on a number of other factors and preconditions, apart from the easy access to guns.

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Judging from the abovementioned, one can conclude that gun control laws are to be readdressed due to a number of deaths in the US that occurred due to the easy access to firearms. However, it does not always presume that gun possession will turn an ordinary person into a criminal with a record of murders. Governors simply want to predict possible deaths and injuries in families that have permission to carry guns for their protection. If you think that this topic is too controversial and you cannot find appropriate arguments for your gun control research paper, but it from our well-versed writers who will meet your expectations to the full!