FAQ: Major Details about Our Working Process

The webpage does not reload and does not allow me to proceed with the order registration process.

This delay may be caused by the exceeding number of files you have attached. There are specific restrictions when it comes to the size of files you can attach, so make sure you do not exceed that minimum. A great way out is to send the files via email to the customer care team and they will forward your message to the assigned writer.

I have picked an incorrect deadline/paper length/complexity level, etc. Can I edit the order registration form?

Unfortunately, if you have already clicked the “Submit” button and your order has been registered on the website, you cannot change the criteria that impact the total order price. Deadline, number of pages whatsoever are some of these criteria. However, it does not mean that everything is lost — you can count on help from customer care agents who can submit the updates on your behalf. You will only be required to pay compensation for the changes since they may impact the total order price.

Is it possible to ask my writer to add more pages to my essay?

You can ask your assigned writer to extend your writing project by placing an additional order. When you register this additional order on the website, you have to specify the number of pages that should be added. Besides, you will need to indicate the ID of the initial order (that should be prolonged). After you pay for the additional pages, these two orders will be linked together in the system and your writer will receive a notification that more pages are needed.

How can I be sure that some writer is already working on my paper?

You can track down such changes in your personal profile, specifically in the order details section. When a writer is assigned, you will receive an automatic email notification and then you will notice that the write’s ID has appeared in the relevant field.

Can the writer provide a draft of my paper before they deliver the final version?

Our company provides a draft option, but it should be paid extra. Your writer can send you a one-page draft after 50% of the deadline has expired.

How can I send a revision request to my assigned writer?

If you have noticed some inconsistencies in your paper, without a doubt, you have the right to send a revision request. Our company provides a free revision option, where the free revision period is limited to 48 hours (this countdown starts after the order has been uploaded to the system). If you need a revision of a long paper (20 pages in length and more), then this free revision time is extended to 30 days. When you are using this free revision option, you need to make sure that you do not introduce any new information or requirements. Besides, you should specify the deadline for the revision. You can also rely on assistance of our customer care agents in case you have some troubles or confusion during this revision process.

How can I change my personal and contact details in my personal profile on the website?

After you log in to the system, you will see there an option that is called “Edit Profile.” When you click it, you will see the personal information registration field that you can modify at any time. As such, you can change your full name details, the email address, the telephone number, etc. Just do not forget to save the updated data.

After I have placed an order with you, how much time should I wait till you find a writer for me?

Our customer care agents do their best to find the writer who matches your qualifications and paper requirements in the best way. Depending on your order description and the schedule of our writers, this process may take from a few minutes to a few hours.

I would like to request a revision, but the free revision period has already expired. What should I do with it?

Late revision requests are paid extra. You will have to place a new order and pick the “Revision” order type.

I have some questions to my assigned writer, so can I talk to him/her?

We do not provide the possibility of literally talking to writers, because we do not share personal writers’ contact details with clients. However, you have a chance to send a message via the direct messaging system on the website. In some urgent cases, you can always count on our live chat support for help.

When the paper is finished, where will I be able to find it?

After your assigned writer completes the paper, it will be uploaded to the system. As such, you will have access to it from your personal account. You will also get an automatic email notification when the paper has been uploaded.

Do you provide expert help with online tests?

Yes, whether it is an online test, exam or quiz, we have experts who can help you out with that. You just have to select the “Online Test” option and provide the fullest details about your order. Send instructions if you have them and leave all the materials that your assigned expert may need for proper preparation. Most importantly, specify the time when the test starts and your time zone. Additionally, remember to provide the login details to the website where the test will take place.

I would like to order a coding assignment from you, but I see no such assignment on the list of order types.

Unfortunately, we do not have this assignment on the list of our services. It is not possible to order any of the IT-related tasks from our company.

How will I receive messages from your service if I decide to cooperate with you?

You will receive automatic emails when there are any changes related to your order writing process. It is possible to get email, SMS, and phone call notifications.

How can I track down the changes in the order, namely when it is assigned to the writer?

You can do it manually. You just have to go to your profile, click the necessary order ID and check on the order details. You will be able to see the status of the order. For example, if it says “Payment Verification,” you need to press the “Pay Now” button and verify the payment. If it says “Processing,” it means that the writer is working on your paper. If the status is “Sent,” then you can download the completed paper from the “Files” section.

When will I get my paper?

You are bound to receive your custom-written paper as per the deadline you have indicated in the order registration form. Remember that the countdown begins once your order is submitted and verified.

Why may I encounter problems with the order placement?

If you cannot submit the registration form, this problem may occur when you have failed to fill in some required fields. Therefore, go back to the registration form and check whether you have provided all details. If you have provided all information but the form still does not submit, check the attached files. When you attach to many files that exceed the limit or the format of which is not supported, there may be some problems with the order placement. In such case, after you delete these files from the order placement form, the page will proceed your operation. Instead, you can send all the files via email to our customer support team. Please remember to enter your paper ID in the subject field of your email.

Where will I find my completed paper?

Upon completion, our company’s writers upload the papers to the system. Clients can get access to them when they log in to their personal cabinet. You will have to check out the “Files” section for paper download.

I encounter difficulties paying for the paper. How should I deal with it?

When it comes to some acute problems with payment and financial operations, we do not handle these problems directly. At times, these payment troubles may be connected with your outdated browser, so try updating it, using another browser or another banking card for online payment.

Do you upload orders into the system earlier if writers completed them well in time?

Our writers follow the deadline precisely, so you should expect your papers at around the deadline limit indicated by you. A deadline is one of factors that impact the order price, so if you need your paper faster, you have to compensate for earlier delivery.

Do your company’s writers send papers via email after they complete them?

Writers do not have access to your email — they upload papers to the system. If you cannot log in to the system for some reason at a specific point of time, but you need the paper urgently, then you need to ask customer support agents to forward you the paper via mail.

Should I pay for the preferred writer option separately even if I chose the supreme writing service?

If you want a specific writer to continue work on your subsequent orders, then you should pay for this service. The supreme writing level package predetermines that one of top 30 writers on our team will be assigned to your paper and you will be issued a plagiarism report. If you like a particular writer, who did an excellent job on your former orders, you can choose this “Preferred Writer” option and always select him/her for your subsequent orders.

I do not want to enter my contact information in the registration field, specifically my phone number. Can I skip this step?

We strongly encourage you to provide contact information because it ensures that we can contact you in urgent cases. It is not obligatory, but if you do not provide us with your contact details that will enable us to get in touch with you, it will be your responsibility for such ineffective communication.

Do you guarantee privacy when I decide to cooperate with you?

Yes, totally. All personal and contact details are kept in full confidentiality. We never share information with the third parties and we never disclose it anywhere. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us. To avoid any problems, both writers and customers are unaware of each other’s personal information.

Can I send only one revision request within this free period?

Within the free revision period, you are limited only in time. When it comes to the number of revisions, you can send as many as you need and as many as the time allows.

Can you prove somehow that the paper you have sent me is free from plagiarism?

We check each paper via anti-plagiarism software before delivering it to you.

Who will handle my assignment?

Our company has a versatile team of experts who have majored in a variety of disciplines, so they can handle papers on any topics.

Can my paper be edited and proofread so that I am 100% sure of the top quality of writing?

If you need editing to be sure of the outstanding quality of content and mechanics, pick the VIP option called “Get an order proofread by an editor” and pay extra. Once the payment is made, your work will be sent to the editor after it is produced by the writer.

How can I be sure that a writer is writing my paper?

The first change you will notice is that in the order status. If the payment is made successfully, the status of your assignment will be “New.” When the writer is assigned to work on your paper, the status will turn to “Processing.” The status “Sent” means that your piece of writing has been uploaded to the system. You can also be informed about the changes in the assignment status if you order a respective VIP option called “Get SMS notifications.” Each time any changes in the status of your assignment occur, you will get a text message.

While filling in the order registration document, I have mistakenly specified the wrong deadline. Can I change it now?

Any changes in the deadline, especially if they are concerned the shortening of the deadline, mean that you have to pay compensation which depends on the difference in the deadlines. The charge will be determined by our support agents, the compensation order will be placed, and the payment link will be provided to you. As soon as the payment is made, the new deadline will be implemented.

What are the principles of placing a new order if I want a specific writer who previously wrote papers for me continue with this one?

You need to find his/her writer’s ID in the “Details” section of the order that was completed and then copy the ID into the current order details field. This “Preferred Writer” option requires paying additional 15% which will be added to the total order price.

What are the duties that your company is responsible for?

First, our service is responsible for finding the most appropriate writer to handle your piece of writing. We try to find a writer who best matches your major, qualifications, and academic level. Second, we control whether papers are uploaded according to the set deadline. Last but not least, we make sure the content you get is original and plagiarism-free.

Can your company’s writers handle a very complicated paper for me?

Since we have the writers who hold Master’s and PhD degrees, it means that they are qualified enough to cope even with the most challenging papers. In any case, you can always double-check it beforehand and send us your instructions first and only then place the order.

What to do if I have some payment failures or authorization errors?

One of the quickest possible solutions is to try using another web browser for the money transfer operation. Besides, trying paying with another banking card may also help you. If the problem lies with your card, then you would rather contact your bank customer service for help.

I am trying to proceed with the paper, but the order registration form does not submit.

The web page sometimes does not allow to successfully place the order because of the exceeding size of the files that you are trying to attach. In such cases, the web page may keep loading or may turn grey. The very first feasible solution is to reload the page manually and delete those files. Instead of attaching them to the registration form, try to send them via email. The customer support agents will then forward them to your assigned writer.

I have transferred the money but I keep receiving notifications asking me to pay.

Double-check the order to be 100% percent certain whether the money has been withdrawn from your account or not. If the payment proceeded successfully, then you should have got a payment receipt. You can find the document in your inbox. Please forward the receipt to our company’s support agents. If there is no receipt, then log in to your banking personal account to check if money has been withdrawn for the service. Send the check and money withdrawal confirmation to us in such case. If money has not been withdrawn, it means that the payemnt was not conducted successfully. In this case, you need to try another device/browser/card or payemnt processing agency.

I would like to check if my assignment can be successfully handled by your writers. Can I check it in advance?

You can definitely do it — just forward us your paper instructions and we will check with our writers on the team whether there are specialists majoring in your field or specializing in your paper specifics.

Am I obliged to enter all contact details in the corresponding field? I do not want to leave my phone number.

We cannot forcefully obligate you to provide us with your phone number, but if we have no contact details and cannot get in touch with you urgently, it may negatively impact the overall level of services.

I got informed that one of my papers will be refunded. How much time should I wait till the money is reimbursed?

Our company manages this process within 3-5 business days. However, since this process is related to the banking operations, it also depends on how your bank operates.

How can I get in touch with the writer that has been assigned to me?

According to the company’s policy, customers can contact their assigned writers via direct messaging system. Clients cannot make phone calls — they can only send text messages.

Where will I download my completed paper from?

When your assigned writer finishes the paper, he/she will upload it to the system. In your turn, you can download it by logging in to your personal account and going to the “Files” section. If the deadline has expired, but you see that there is no file attached, it is a reason to contact our customer care representatives for help.

When will I get my paper?

You are expected to have the paper delivered according to the deadline you set while registering your order. The due date can be checked in the following way:
My orders – Processed orders – Click your paper ID – section “Delivery.”

When placing my order on your website, can I ask your writer to buy the book needed for the completion of my assignment?

According to our policies, writers are not supposed to buy any materials. Their responsibility is to handle the assignment and do it in the best way possible, keeping in mind the instructions and materials that you have provided. If there is some book that is not in free access, it is the client who is supposed to buy it and then provide a scan or copy for the assigned writer.

I was registering my order online, but the placement form was not submitted. What should I do if the site did not allow me to proceed with the order?

One of the frequent reasons why the website will not allow you to proceed with the order placement is the exceeding size of the files that you have been trying to attach to the registration form. If you have a lot of files to attach, such as paper requirements, instructions, samples, templates, and other documents, it is better to send them via email to our customer support team.

My professor has told me to add more pages to my essay. Can I now ask my assigned writer to provide me with some extra pages?

If you need more pages to your order, you have to place an additional order with us. After you indicate the exact number of pages that should be added and pay for it, these two orders will be linked together.

I have initially set the wrong deadline when placing my order. I have just noticed that, so can I ask my writer to deliver my paper earlier?

If you want to change the deadline, you need to contact our customer support team. The deadline of course can be changed, but only on condition that you compensate for the difference in urgency.

What type of order should I choose if I cannot find the one that is relevant in my opinion?

You can contact us and send your instructions to our customer support representatives. They will carefully read your requirements and will try to help you come up with the most relevant order type.

Can you provide me a guarantee that I will get a paper that is free from plagiarism?

Our company strictly adheres to the integrity policy, which means that you can rely on us when it comes to originality and authenticity of content. We also guarantee that all assignments are thoroughly checked by professionals in editing. Besides, each paper is carefully scanned for plagiarism via anti-plagiarism software. When some research needs to be done, we guarantee that it will be done from scratch according to individual requirements. Additionally, you will be able to check the delivered work for plagiarism by our tool – PlagiarismSearch. Mind that such online application as Turnitin is not used by us since it remembers the uploaded files, which means that they cannot be scanned once more.

Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Privacy policy is one of those that our company follows and guarantees that all information that clients share with us will be kept confidential. None of details will ever be disclosed to the third parties or shared with anyone.

Will my paper be submitted according to the set deadline?

Yes, we can definitely promise you that. When you indicate the needed due date for your paper, keep in mind that your assigned writer will follow it precisely.

Can the prices be discussed?

No, prices for orders can never be under discussion as we have a fixed pricing policy. The price for the paper you place with us depends on a range of criteria, such as paper length, type, deadline, and others. If you want to buy your paper at a cheaper rate, you can monitor any available discounts and special offers.

In case I need some clarifications from my assigned writer or if I have a question, can I talk to my assigned writer?

We do not provide our clients with an opportunity to talk to writers on the phone whatsoever. If clients have questions, they have a chance to send a text message to their assigned writer via the direct communication system. If our customers need to reach the writer urgently, they call our support team by using toll-free numbers or Live Chat option.

I am trying to register my order, but the web page turns gray and does not allow me to proceed with that. What should I do with it?

Normally, this delay is related to the files that you attach with the registration form. The files may have some strange format that is not supported or they may greatly exceed the size limit. In such cases, you should forward the files via email to our customer support agents and they will in their turn send them to your assigned writer.

I am going to have an online test. Its duration is approximately an hour, but I cannot find such a deadline option on your website. Can you help me place this order?

Please contact our customer support representatives whenever you are placing an online test. They will help you clarify whether there are experts available at the time when your test takes place.

Can I ask for bonus credits instead of the reimbursed money if I have been informed that my order would be refunded?

Yes, it is possible. You just need to inform us about your decision in advance. You will be able to use those bonuses for full or partial payment for your subsequent orders. Please remember that your bonuses will be assigned to your personal cabinet once the submitted refund request is approved.

When will I get my completed order?

When you register your order with us, you are free to pick the needed urgency. As such, you are bound to receive the paper at around the deadline indicated by you. As soon as the paper is uploaded to the system, you will be informed by an automatic email notification. You will be able to download your essay from the “Files” section in your personal profile.

What assignment type should be selected while I am registering my order?

If you want to better understand what order type is applicable to your specific case, contact our customer care agents for help. They will take a look at your instructions, analyze them, and then provide you with a recommendation what paper type should be selected.

How can you ascertain me that I will get a premium-quality paper free of plagiarism?

Providing original content is one of our primary goals. Besides, our company can definitely boost confidence in the service it provides due to the experts on our team. Our writers have different qualifications and they hold Master’s and PhD academic degrees, so no client will be left unsatisfied. You may also look through our samples to ensure that we provide the content of unmatched quality. When it comes to grades, we do not guarantee them since grading is far from being an objective process.

Can I get my paper earlier?

Yes, just place a compensation order and pay for the difference in the deadlines. Contact our live chat support and they will help you out.

Who will be writing my order?

If you are worried about the quality, rest assured that we pick only the best specialists. All writers on our team are real professionals with extensive expertise, so your paper will be in safe hands.

Can I first get to know if my paper can be successfully handled by your company’s experts and only then place an order with you?

Send your instructions to our live chat support. They will get back to you and update you on whether there are available writers capable of coping with your task.

What should I know about the prices?

We have a fixed pricing policy. You can find out the exact sum for the order on your own with the help of online calculator. Such criteria as paper length, deadline, order type, etc. impact the order price.

How will I get my assignment?

It can be sent via email or it can be downloaded from your personal profile.

I have already written a part of my paper. However, I cannot cope with it till the end. Will you help me with it?

Sure, just send us the requirements and the parts that you have written. We will do our best to help you deal with it.

What is your company’s schedule?

We operate round the clock, so you can contact us at any time 24/7.

Can your writers handle urgent orders?

Yes, our writers have great experience of dealing with pressing deadlines. Since they can work even under stress, you can rely on them to complete urgent papers. Before placing your order, you should consult with our support representatives about the case.

I want a certain writer, who completed papers for me, to continue working on my current paper. Can I find that writer and ask him/her for that?

You need to find that writer’s ID and insert it into the corresponding field in the new order placement form.

Do you provide revisions?

Yes, there are free revisions and paid revisions. In the former case, revision request can be sent within 48 hours after the deadline expiration. When you choose this option, you should not alter original instructions. When you choose the latter option, you need to make a new order separately (and choose the order type in this case entitled “Revision”). When you need to introduce some new instructions, it is essential to choose the paid option as well.

Do you guarantee an A if I purchase a paper from your service?

No, we do not guarantee grades, as we do not find the evaluation process being an objective one.

Is there a possibility of checking my papers for copied content with your service?

Your papers can be scanned for copied material for free within a year if you, at least once, have ordered a respective VIP service.