120 Hottest Research Paper Topics

Every writing project can become better if to choose an interesting topic. Term paper topics can be fascinating that makes the whole writing process more interesting. We can help you become inspired with your writing assignment. Therefore, we have prepared the list of the various topics provided below. You can pick any theme that seems interesting to write on. The following research paper topics are toll-free.

Languages Business Finance Management
Marketing Literature Education Law
History Nursing Sociology Sports
Art Music Nutrition Philosophy
Psychology Culture Environment Computer Science

Term paper topics: Languages

  1. Gender language differences.
  2. The tip of the tongue phenomenon.
  3. Does a dolphin have a language?
  4. The language of twins: similarities and differences.
  5. Language acquisition and isolated children.
  6. Does singing help to reduce the frequency of stuttering?

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Research paper topics: Business

  1. Why sweatshops are considered ineffective?
  2. The influence of glass ceiling in the workplaces and minds.
  3. Multiculturalism is the cornerstone of workplace creativity.
  4. Do high salaries have considerable impact on the employee?
  5. Latrine wireless is the best form of promotion.
  6. What impact do social media have on productivity?

Term paper topics: Finance

  1. Problems connected with medium and small enterprises in Egypt.
  2. What causes capital immobility in India?
  3. Cycle synchronization: for and against.
  4. The budget deficits and its influence upon the interest rates.
  5. Indian inflation, its determinants and reasons.
  6. Trade revenues in China and its influence.

Research paper topics: Management

  1. “Walking around” management: why is it ineffective?
  2. The lessons of Steve Jobs: are they valuable for all managers?
  3. Should managers share one room with staff?
  4. Is a leader more responsible or free?
  5. The differences between individual responsibility and team work.
  6. Does the phrase “Those who can’t do, teach” refer to managers?

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Term paper topics: Marketing                                    

  1. Should street advertisements be forbidden?
  2. Are “cold calls” still effective?
  3. Useful lessons in the Coca-Cola advertisements.
  4. Are special discounts still effective in the modern world?
  5. Gender stereotypes strengthened by certain advertisements.
  6. Is it ethical to use sexual imagery in advertisements?

Research paper topics: Literature

  1. Did Shakespeare write the works attributed to him?
  2. What was the purpose of writing 47 endings for Farewell to Arms?
  3. Is the tragedy Romeo and Juliet relevant today?
  4. Can the reading teach empathy?
  5. Can one call Antigone an early feminist tragedy?
  6. The sin of Eve: the cultural myth in the Bible.

Term paper topics: Education

  1. Is historically black university the best choice for African American student?
  2. Dual language and immersion programs.
  3. Literacy development in children and the role of parents.
  4. Cyber bullying and self-esteem issues.
  5. Indigo child: nature vs nurture.
  6. What influence does the behavior have on grades?

Research paper topics: Law

  1. Which changes were brought about by the twenty-first century to Islamic law?
  2. The most ridiculous US laws: it is forbidden to drive with an uncaged bear in Missouri.
  3. Are parents responsible for the crimes of their children?
  4. Should a citizen retain the right to change his/her name?
  5. Should heterosexual and same-sex couples have the same rights as married couples?
  6. Should a property acquired during marriage be divided in case of the celebrity divorce?

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Research paper topics: History

  1. Was Hitler trying to save the world from Stalin?
  2. The impact of the opium wars on the economy of China.
  3. Can the war with Vietnam be justified?
  4. What are the reasons for the denial theories relating to Holocaust?
  5. Why didn’t people want to believe in the discoveries made by Nikola Tesla?
  6. Slavery as the only reasons for the civil war to start.

Term paper topics: Nursing

  1. The peculiarities of breast self-examination (BSE) in different age groups.
  2. What impact do family relations have on teenager’s awareness about venereal diseases?
  3. Does the income of family influence obesity of children?
  4. Sleep deprivation and exercise in a woman.
  5. How can rural teen mothers cope with stress?
  6. First contact between a mother and a newborn.

Research paper topics: Sociology

  1. Should Africa permit free labor movement on its territory?
  2. One should forbid parents from monitoring online and mobile communications of their children.
  3. Should couples have the right to choose sex of their child?
  4. Should gene patents be legalized?
  5. Can shopping be considered a traditional culture value in US?
  6. Should an illegal immigrant be granted an amnesty?

Research paper topics: Sports

  1. Can one allow performance that enhances drugs, i. e. creatine?
  2. Does the raise in tickets prices influence professional sports?
  3. Should the logos of some teams be changed due to the fact that they potentially offensive? (For example, Cleveland Indians or Washington Redskins)
  4. Can crowd-pleasing activities be considered bad for professional sporting event?
  5. Can celebrity athletes be called role models to young generation?
  6. Should a professional tennis player use personalized racket only?

Term paper topics: Art

  1. The Black Square of Malevich and Freudian interpretation.
  2. The High Renaissance and Giorgione in Venice.
  3. Can digital photography be considered an art form?
  4. The influence of Da Vinci on modern art.
  5. Can one use visual art as a cure?
  6. The impact of the digital age on art.

Research paper topics: Music

  1. Can classic music make someone smarter?
  2. Hard rock and its negative influence on the sleep patterns of a listener?
  3. The impact of sound tracks on the perception of thriller movie.
  4. The ancient Near East and music.
  5. The peculiarities of compositions of Francesca Caccini and Barbara Strozzi.
  6. What is the attitude of church towards music?

Term paper topics: Nutrition

  1. What is the influence of phytochemicals on self-perception of a teenage girl?
  2. Can soy fully replace meat?
  3. What is better: skipping meals or eating fast food?
  4. Is vegetarian food connected with health and longevity?
  5. The eating principles in some religious (i. e. Muslims).
  6. Can such eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia be caused by television?

Research paper topics: Philosophy

  1. What is the difference between the inner voice and soul?
  2. Can you call something that is inherently evil in the world?
  3. Caring too much as a cornerstone of unhappiness?
  4. Can thoughts distort reality or not?
  5. Freudian philosophy and feminism.
  6. Occam’s razor principle and personal relations aspects.

Research paper topics: Psychology

  1. The Husband at home syndrome and its influence on Japanese women.
  2. Can a person’s character change in due course?
  3. Is it difficult for an introvert to live in an extravert-centric society?
  4. Can one fight stereotypes and gender roles?
  5. The physical attraction and its psychological basis.
  6. The connections between depression and social media abuse.

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Term paper topics: Environment

  1. Solar energy research and its potential.
  2. The coal burning plants and its influence on the environment.
  3. Reducing air pollution with the help of bicycle use.
  4. The consequences of the lake shore development.
  5. Pro and against the cultivation of the genetically-modified crops.
  6. Solid waste management and development.

Term paper topics: Culture

  1. Was Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) effective?
  2. Cultural preference for boys in China.
  3. The role of technologies in the modern world?
  4. Why is anime so popular?
  5. Did the advertising campaign influence the growing popularity fast food?
  6. Polyamory practiced in the US.

Research paper topics: Computer Science

  1. The best apps of the algorithmic game theory.
  2. The problems related to cyber security.
  3. The first antivirus software and its history.
  4. The predominance of the object-oriented programming.
  5. How to prevent the SQL injection attacks.
  6. How does cloud-based storage work?