Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Steps in Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Before you face the task of writing a compare and contrast essay, mind that it has rather interesting and simple paper format of writing. Its name clearly suggests the main idea. The task lies in the need to compare two subjects that may sometimes have nothing in common at all. Your task is to make an analysis of both things and suggest a conclusion. What concerns the text, you may present it like a search for the possible solution of a larger issue or just a description of a certain aspect. The whole writing process of a compare and contrast essay can be outlined as one of seven main steps:

  • Step 1: Getting a topic
  • Step 2: Creating an outline
  • Step 3: Introduction to your topic
  • Step 4: The body paragraphs which are the first ones you start with
  • Step 5: Identifying the major contrast between subjects
  • Step 6: Your conclusion
  • Step 7: Revising and editing

The introduction of your topic is an essential step in your writing process as here you need to provide your thesis statement clearly. A few thesis statements should be provided right away and then you should decide which one is the best to continue with. Once you are done with this part, you can move on to the real comparison and conclusion.

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Any experienced writer will tell you that your knowledge and experience are the things that matter.

Steps in Writing Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

No matter what type of paper you are dealing, with it should have an outline. It plays a significant role when you want to simplify and clarify your writing process. Writing the whole paper from scratch is undoubtedly the greatest thing ever, but creating an outline, you ensure to have a much easier working process.

When the topic you are dealing with interests you, it is surely much easier and more pleasant to work with it. But you should also mind being competent on the topic you are working with. Otherwise, you might get blocked by poor knowledge of your topic and inability to develop the issue the way it should be developed.

A typical outline of the subject by subject comparison looks like:


  • Where the general topic is presented.
  • Where your particular topic and clue are presented.
  • Where the main aims that you’re trying to achieve writing this essay are presented.


  • Subject 1 – where aspects (three or more) are followed with detailed descriptions.
  • Subject 2 – where three or more aspects are presented in details.


  • Where the main results are listed shortly.
  • Where potential future development, evaluation, or solution is given.

Mind that it’s totally okay that some of your ideas just fall off while the writing and editing process. Don’t forget that organization is of a great significance when it comes to the comfortable writing process. Your good organization, in its turn, matters for your successful work. Almost every student tends to get confused about this type of essays. Surely writing a compare and contrast essay isn’t the easiest task, it is and has to be challenging, as it requires your good knowledge, preparation, and efforts. You might face some difficulties when you meet two unrelated subjects where you have to find those contrasts between them which might not be so obvious to you at first.

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