How to Write a Negative Letter?

How to Write a Negative Letter?

Mr. Edward Miller
Senior Manager – Information Technology
2P Tech, Inc.
13544 Green Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90003
Dear Mr. Miller,
I am writing to address the problem of proper technical support provided by your company. You company has always been a valuable assistant when solving any PC-related issues. Moreover, we consider your IT department an extremely useful partner in handling any computer problems in recent years.

However, as you may know, we are in the permanent need of twenty-four-hour technical support. Recently, we tried to contact the tech department for the urgent support, but did receive neither support nor a reply. We were notified that the department was undergoing reorganization and you may have new employees who would need extra time and additional training. Nevertheless, we have not been receiving proper attention for the whole quarter.

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There is another problem, to which we would like to draw your attention. We requested a laptop for fieldwork. Now, our staff cannot work beyond the office due to its absence. The request was made a quarter ago and we have not received the unit yet. At present time, our staff is struggling with numerous inconveniences, which could be resolved if we had the laptop at our disposal.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to address the issue and to assign personnel for urgent support and troubleshooting. In addition, we would like you to provide us a reply regarding the laptop situation.

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A swift response to the abovementioned concerns will be much appreciated.

Josh Nielsen
When you are writing a negative letter, make sure to convey all the messages in a proper manner. Though you are writing a negative letter, always use a positive tone and appropriate language. It is proven that any business that receives a negative letter, which is written with the help of positive language, will more likely give a positive answer.

Therefore, it is writer’s main task to address the reader and provide an appropriate explanation of the problem rather than trying to offend the reader. The reader should get that feeling of sincerity from the very beginning. Most of the workers that are supposed to reply to requests are overwhelmed with work and face multiple tasks. Thus, they will always appreciate a straightforward letter, which is written in a clear manner. Besides, such an approach to letter writing increases the chances to get the longing response.

Another vital tip includes the proper content organization. Do not expect the reader to look for any hidden context. Do not make you reader try to recall any former messages. You are responsible for providing all the up to date information and details. The faster the reader can get to the main point of your letter, the sooner your problem will be resolved.

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