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Nowadays, people cannot imagine the world without computers. People use them every day for different reasons. Some people use them for fun while others – for work. The computers are useful and powerful machines. Apple is a corporation that was one of pioneers in the computer field. This company makes dreams come true and shows that anything is possible with strong passion and desires to create something new, something that works good and has a beautiful design. Apple is famous by its revolutionary products that created certain markets. Their new products always cause the revolution in technological industry because Apple has fresh vision on how does the new product should look like and what functions should it has. Apple has come a long way to the success. Now, it is the most influential corporation of the world.

Steve Jobs together with his friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computer in 1969. They set a goal to make computers for consumers. In that time, only corporations could buy computers because of their high price and small amount of functions for entertainment. Soon, Wozniak left the company because of changes within the organization. When company expanded, there were many disputes between Jobs, board of directors, and other members of the company. He saw that the policy and culture of the company were changed and he could not handle it. Jobs left the company and after several years he came back to change it for the sake of good. Steve Jobs created many products which shook the world. Today, corporation has Tim Cook as a CEO and continues impressing people with their products.

Jobs and Wozniak made a great collaboration: Wozniak made computers and Jobs promoted them. Both of them were very passionate and never gave up when something was wrong. Steve knew that he did not want to be the part of the system and made extraordinary decisions that made his company prosper. His mission was to make products simple as the name of his company. He wanted to make them ore user-friendly. As for Wozniak, he sometimes disagreed with Steve Jobs but their team came to success.

When Apple made their small steps to the dominative corporation, it had many competitors such as IBM and Microsoft. IBM was well-established company on the market and it was hard for Apple to fight with such a strong company. On the other hand, Microsoft was a young software-company and there were many conflicts between Apple and Microsoft. Apple claimed that Microsoft stole the concept of graphic interface. That is right, but some sources mentioned that Jobs stole this idea from the company called Xerox. Nowadays, similar interfaces can be seen in different operation systems, so it is a controversial dispute. Jobs liked to go on risk and he did not give up when Apple’s first computer Apple I was failed. After this fail, company realized their mistakes and created Apple II that made their competitors feel surprised.

As stated in the article “Apple Evolution: Dawn of the Mac” (n.d.):

When Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh at the company’s annual shareholders meeting on January 24, 1984, pandemonium apparently ensued. At $2,495, the Macintosh was the first affordable computer to offer a graphical user interface, replacing fusty text-based operating systems with an intuitive layout of folders and icons.

The product became very successful and company appeared at the same level with their main competitor – IBM. In the period when Apple became more popular and people started to recognize the fresh vision of Apple, IBM was driven out from the market and let Apple and Microsoft rule on it.

Having dominating position on computer market, Jobs wanted to reach the top in different ones, so he tried to burst into the market of the digital music players and the whole music industry with his iPod and iTunes. After this success, he created an absolutely new type of the smartphone – iPhonne. History repeated; Jobs once again did the same thing with Nokia and Blackberry that he did with IBM many years ago. Nowadays, iPhone is the most popular Apple product and the most widespread phone in the world. Like an IBM, Blackberry and Nokia have small market share on the smartphone market. Nokia was acquired by Microsoft and Blackberry tried to restart their business with the line-up of new smartphones. Simply, they tried to tread in the steps of Apple, but they have failed.

The key of Apple’s success is a simple purpose with simple realization. People who work in Apple always know what they are going to do and why. The great synergy between hardware and software makes its deal. A part of Apple’s philosophy is to have a balance between different things and create an incredible, minimalistic, and attractive design. The Apple’s purpose is not to make the most powerful product on the hardware side. They support the mid-ranged hardware with perfect software and services. Also, they motivate developers for creating great applications for their systems and building an incredible infrastructure of stores where all products are in one place. Apple appreciates the people’s opinion and has a positive feedback and strong support in the whole world.

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Undoubtedly, after death of Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, Apple lost a bit of its philosophy; and now it makes decisions that differ. However, when Steve Jobs ruled the company, there were several products that failed such as computer called Lisa in honor of his daughter. It was affordable for people and had good functionality. However, “if it had been positioned differently in the market and hadn’t had to contend with competition from the Mac, it could have easily topped the “good” list” (Block, 2006). When Jobs was a CEO of the corporation, it was revolutionary. Nowadays, Apple just improves all products and services that it already has. Also, Tim Cook and his team started to sell their iPhones on the China market.

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