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Four Seasons Hotels Limited

Four Seasons Hotels Limited is an international company based in Canada that provides hospitality services worldwide, while being headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The company was established in 1960 by a Canadian businessman named Isadore Sharp (Four Seasons, 2017). He got motivation by the success of a model design he made for his father. Since then, the luxury hotel has been growing and expanding its territory from one country to another. The hotel is anchored in a strong culture of respect for all clients, regardless of their status. The company’s fair treatment extends to both the employees and the guests. The hotel’s designs, location, and services are customer-oriented. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts sells services that are oriented towards the interests of the customers (Four Seasons, 2017). It invests in studying what the customers want and new business trends in the hospitality industry. It is one of the most preferred companies by many guests in the world. The company opened different hotels and resorts in 2016 and early 2017 (Vellecillo, 2014). Examples of those opened during this period includes Kyoto hotel in Japan, Anguilla Resort and Residences on a small British island and Nam Hai in Hoi An, Vietnam. The company is also aimed at opening many hotels and resorts in late 2017 and early 2018. Those on the waiting list include Megeve hotel in French Alps, Tunisia hotel in Northern Africa, Seychelles resort, and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia among others (Vellecillo, 2014). Four Seasons Hotels Limited has received numerous awards in the recent past and has a unique recruitment process that helps it to maintain services of high quality.

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Awards Attained by the Company

Four Seasons has received numerous awards for the last five to ten years. In 2017, the company acquired an award for having the highest number hotels and resorts with a rating of five stars by Forbes Travel Guide (Tuite, 2017). Thirty of its hotels and resorts received five-star rating awards. Companies attain Forbes Travel Guide five-star rating due to the quality of services, good management, and proper professional treatment. However, most customers do not use Forbes Travel Guide ratings when booking a hotel.

It was also voted number one brand hotel for leisure in DestinAsian, thereby receiving Readers’ Choice Awards. In fact, the award is given to the hotels that mix business with leisure. The hotel design, quality and beauty of furniture in the rooms and nature of the services a hotel offers are items that are used to rank and give the Reader’s Choice Awards. Customers’ comments are the most important instruments that DestinAsian uses to rank hotels (Tuite, 2017). However, these awards influence only customers traveling or residing in Asia.

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Forty-three branches of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts were awarded TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards. TripAdvisor is a Canadian company that helps customers to organize their trips across the world (Tuite, 2017). Each year, the company awards hotels that most customers prefer to stay in during the trip. Four Seasons was among those on the preference list of TripAdvisor’s customers.

The company has received yearly awards from FORTUNE Magazine for twenty consecutive years for being in the list of top one hundred best companies by which to be employed (Tuite, 2017). The ability to maintain such position for so long means that the employees are satisfied with the working terms and conditions. The terms include good salary and wages, assurance of job security, fair recruitment process and open communication. The majority of customers respect companies that value their employees. Hotels that receive FORTUNE Magazine’s awards receive a high number of visitors, making it to be the second most important award that the company received.

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Furthermore, ten of the company’s hotels and resorts have maintained a five-diamond rating for more than fifteen years (Tuite, 2017). In 2017, twenty-one of Four Seasons hotels and resorts located in America received AAA five-diamond rating awards (Tuite, 2017). Importantly, out of around twenty-eight thousand hotels reviewed by diamond rating, only 0.4% received five-star rating award. Thus, this is the most prestigious award that the company received in 2017. Many customers consider this rating when booking a hotel, especially if they are visiting a new location. Diamond rating company review is trusted since it conducts a study to determine the satisfaction level of customers and employees.

Recruitment and Hiring Policy

Four Seasons Hotels Limited has a well-established human resource management that implements the recruitment and hiring policy. The primary policy is that no one should be employed without undergoing an interview. Moreover, all documents of the process are stored in case there is the need for clarification in the future. The management takes serious disciplinary actions in case of corruption and backdoor employment (Four Seasons, 2017). Another policy is that the company does not delegate the process of recruitment and hiring to outside companies. Accordingly, the process is performed by Four Seasons human resource management. The primary methods of advertising a job opening are through their website, job searching website and print media. In addition to the company’s policies, it follows recruitment guidelines by the government.

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Four Seasons believes in recruiting the best employees since they are the backbone of quality services. As much as they search for qualified and educated candidates, they also endeavor to hire people who share the same attitude with the company (Four Seasons, 2017). The company formed its culture by providing quality and exceptional services to the guests. They believe that one can easily learn to be competent, but the attitude has to come from within (Four Seasons, 2017). The company advertises a job opening on its website where qualified candidates are required to apply through human resource manager. Those who pass the initial step are invited for an interview. The candidates have to complete various tests to show their willingness to work with the company. The candidate with the best qualifications is preferred for the vacant position. The company also recruits from various colleges and universities (Four Seasons, 2017). Students in their final year are advised to apply for attachment or available job positions. The company, however, warns potential candidates of online fraudsters that claim to be recruiting on their behalf. They warn people against paying any registration fee or providing personal details. The management encourages people to contact the human resource manager through their official website, email, and phone numbers in case they experience any difficulties (Four Seasons, 2017). The company applies the principle of fairness during the recruitment process. Thus, every qualified person has equal opportunities, regardless of race, gender, originality or disability.

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Four Seasons is a hospitality company that operates international hotels and resorts in forty-three different countries. The organization is responsible for managing property on behalf of owners and developers. The company endeavors to provide quality services. Four Seasons Hotels Limited highly treats its employees, as they are the ones that deliver quality services. Due to its excellent record, the company receives numerous awards every year. A number of its branches have maintained a five-star rating for more than fifteen years. The company has maintained a top-one-hundred position in the FORTUNE Magazine as one of the best companies for employees to work. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts craves to employ people who share the same attitude with its culture, as one can easily learn to be competent. The company guarantees fair recruitment process when every qualified person has equal opportunities. Four Seasons plans to extend its services to all corners of the world.

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