Writing a Training Report

Writing a Training Report

There are many reasons proving the fact that a good training report is vital. One of the main causes for creating reports in general is to keep records, which is followed by informing, evaluating, encouraging, showing the pros of the done work and consequences in case of reluctant attitude towards recommended instructions and etc. However, apart from just writing a report, it is necessary to know how to do it well. In other words, to turn, from the first sight, a tedious duty of writing into an interestingly challenging fun activity.

Before you start writing a training report, make sure you have started with identifying the audience your report will be turned to. The information you want to communicate will differ regarding the number of people it is intended to. Your next step before writing a training report should be concentrated on the goals of the target audience. Provide a reader with facts pointing on how something was done and on how it should be done. For this, a specialist has to define “the working skills”, which will bring the audience closer to the report’s objectives as well as has to reveal in a report some alternative ways to achieve the desired results. Don’t forget to mention deadlines, restrictions, warnings, limitations of the training report and possible outcome in case of disobey, violation or reluctant attitude in terms of a training report.

Your training report has to consist of three main paragraphs, which are the introduction, the body paragraph and the conclusion. Such sections as methodology, recommendations, appendices, references and a section of the evaluable budget for the training should be introduced within a report, too. According to the sample, which you have chosen to simplify your training report writing, it is also advised to include the following sections of the formal information on a separate page, called title page: department, date of the training, the initials of the analyst, the initials of the department supervisor, the title of the desired training program. After having written a training report, spend some time revising its strong and weak points, getting rid of the last with the help of the correction of logical gaps and errors.

A training report is an integral part of the work that has to be done and with the assistance of which it is easier to monitor, assess and implement the desired goals. It helps not only to stay informed but to analyze failures and success, to determine further actions and ensure enthusiasm of the audience for the future.

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