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In modern times, authorities and society attempt to ban smoking in all public places since it harmfully influences people, who do not smoke. Smoking remains a dangerous problem and a bad habit of millions people since tobacco smoke from either passive or active smoking leads to the heart diseases, liver cirrhosis, strokes and cancer. It harms not only people, who smoke, but also badly affects people nearby since they breathe and inhale adverse smoke. Many countries now decide to prohibit smoking in all public places including such areas as coffee shops and restaurants. Despite all the evidences that smoking causes lung cancer and other severe conditions, there are still millions of smoking citizens in the US society. The American Department of Health and Human Services (2012) characterizes tobacco as “the leading cause of preventable and premature death, killing an estimated 443,000 Americans each year” (p. 3). Therefore, if smokers choose to smoke in public, they should remember that individuals around do not want to become passive smokers. Today, it is crucial to ensure that the country completely prohibits smoking in public on a national level, defend non-smokers from their passive smoking, and guarantee prosperous life with strong health in the near future.

It is obvious that a ban on smoking in public facilities protects only the interests of non-smokers. If smoking is banned in the bars and restaurants, it will no longer be a serious social problem for people. Moreover, a ban on smoking would encourage people to smoke less at home or work. According to Fichtenberg and Glantz (2002), “Smoking bans encourage cessation particularly among young smokers while older individuals might benefit less from smoking restrictions in the workplace, bars, and discos” (p.189). It is true that a ban on smoking has brought negative and severe effects on nightclubs, bars and restaurants in those cities where such ban has been enacted. Despite the fact that the prohibition on public smoking in restaurants, pubs and bars will have a dangerus and severe effect on jobs and business that rely on them, it is important to prioritize and start thinking about the protection of human health rather than profits. However, all people have to understand that if they agree with smoking in public, they will be not able to avoid or prevent high poverty levels, air pollution, significant medical expenses and, unfortunately, their deaths.

It is necessary to note that second hand smoke annually kills over forty thousand non-smokers in America. In addition, it leads to serious irreversible consequences and health issues. Individuals exposed to passive smoking drastically increase risks of getting asthma, heart diseases, bronchitis, lung cancer and pneumonia. Moreover, it can seriously damage humans’ lungs and bring danger to individuals, who do not smoke since they inhale adverse tobacco smoke and unwillingly become passive smokers. Under the adequate legislation, non-smokers have a fundamental right to get protection from health risks caused by smoking in public areas. US local and state governments have enforced legislation restricting smoking in public and workplaces in order to protect the health of non-smokers. Public-place smoking restrictions are the most important tobacco control measures worldwide. Carnes (2010) claims, “The U.S. federal government has already prohibited smoking on all domestic flights and most foreign flights originating from the U.S.”. Workplaces that are free of smoke not only provide protection from the secondhand smoke, but also stimulate heavy smokers to quit or diminish their total cigarette consumption.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2008), “The District of Columbia and 24 U.S. states have already enacted restrictions on smoking in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and worksites” (p. 549). All the restrictions and enactment of laws regarding the prohibition of smoking in public are established in the interests of the US society that will help to promote health and build a strong country free of tobacco smokke. Smoking inside the bars, restaurants and stores was a commonplace in the past. Nowadays, the majority of public places ban smoking or allow smoking in definite areas. While the majority of non-smokers claim that they do not want to breathe the smoke air, many smokers consider a ban to smoke in public as unfair violation of their rights. The owners of businesses, restaurants and bars should determine whether they allow companions or customers to smoke in these establishments, and what accommodations they need to make for the non-smokers. The clients can choose whether they want to smoke or want to be in a smoke-free environment.  However, non-smokers do not have to live with the negative consequences caused by the actions of the smokers.

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Undoubtedly, smoking in public places should be prohibited. Despite the fact that heavy smokers have a right to smoke, it will be unacceptable if this right damages other individuals nearby. It is true that non-smokers can soon become the next active smokers if people continue to smoke in all public areas. Most of the investigations dedicated to the smoking issue show that smoking releases many kinds of harmful gases. They are also adverse for the environment that is getting more polluted every day. The prohibition on smoking in public is necessary for modern society as well as for the future generations. Carpenter, Postolek and Warman (2010) conducted the research, and its results demonstrated “the effects of public-place smoking laws are economically and statistically significant across the population” (p.31). Smoking remains a dangerous habit that affects all smokers, as well, as all people nearby. Prohibition on smoking in public establishments will undoubtedly keep millions of the non-smokers safer. Moreover, people, who smoke will probably quit and choose not to be subjected to deadly diseases. The complete prohibition on smoking in public places is an important step to guarantee every person a successful life in a strong and healthy society and prevent millions of people from passive smoking.

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