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Human population has exceeded 7 billion people. The population growth leads to increased consumption of all kinds of resources (water, air, food, industrial raw materials, etc.). At the same time, the amount of the resources of the Earth has not increased. Furthermore, human activity has led to significant deterioration of state of the Earth, which found its reflection in global warming. Many researchers recognize the fact of man’s influence on contemporary environmental and climatic situation on the Earth. With each passing day, the Earth becomes less able to provide humanity with everything necessary because the amount of its resources is steadily declining and their quality deteriorates (Stallman, n.d.).

Overpopulation of the planet has many negative consequences both for people and animals. Requiring more resources, humanity will deprive the animals of their habitats and livelihoods, disrupting the food chain. This trend can be seen now and over time its negative impact will intensify. A man needs animals; nevertheless, overpopulation of the planet leads to the extinction of many species of animals and plants, which in turn has a negative impact on people’s lives. In my view, the international community should do everything possible to prevent overcrowding of the Earth. One of the options for solving this problem is strict birth control, particularly in developing countries. In addition, all people around the world must learn to protect natural resources and natural balance. To preserve the ecological and climate stability on the Earth, nations of the world must take decisive action to combat global warming and the negative impact of human activity on nature. As a member of society, I see my task primarily in learning how to use and distribute natural resources trying to bring as little damage to nature as possible.

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Nature appears as a wide variety of different species of animals and plants, each of which occupies a special place in the ecological balance. All living beings are of special value, so their destruction threatens primarily to human life. As noted by Shah (2014), even such a small creature as a bee brings tremendous benefit to all mankind since most of the fruits and vegetables would not exist without pollination, which is performed by bees. As a result, humankind would have much less food choices and opportunities for receiving nutritional substances from various fruits and vegetables (Mader, 2011). For this reason, I strongly disagree with those who argue that it makes no sense to implement endangered species recovery. Anyone who upholds this idea simply does not understand that a person is particularly dependent on the flora and fauna. From a biological perspective, biodiversity has unique value because it provides balance and harmony in nature. Destruction of biodiversity will eventually lead to the disappearance of people because all products people eat have animal or vegetable origin.

Personally for me, biodiversity is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and harmony of nature in which each creature has its own uniqueness as part of wildlife. For this reason, I am willing to give up economic gains for the benefit of biodiversity. I understand that biodiversity is essential primarily for humanity itself. Despite the fact that it may be due to some economic restrictions and even a loss, I have nothing against this policy. Everyone should understand the importance of the problem and do everything possible to help conserve biodiversity.

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The Syphilis Study at Tuskegee is a notorious medical experiment, which lasted from 1932 to 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama (“US Public Health Service Syphilis Study at Tuskegee”, n.d..). The study was conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Public Health Service and designed to explore all stages of syphilis on 600 poor African-Americans. The people thought that they were treated, while no treatment was given to them. As a result, a large number of people died, as well as the members of their families who have been infected with the dangerous disease. This medical experiment led to the development of bioethics as a discipline on ethical standards in medicine. The basis of the doctrine of bioethics is based in particular on the principles of patient autonomy and informed consent. Modern standards of health governing suggest that the medical staff should understand the concepts of patient’s autonomy and informed consent. Patient’s autonomy involves separate and independent decision-making by a patient regarding the choice of methods and means of treatment.

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Patient’s autonomy is directly related to informed consent, which is seen as the conscious desire of the patient to pass through certain medical procedures and manipulations. Such desire needs to be based on accurate and reliable information received by the patient from his/her doctor (Baillie, McGeehan, Garrett, & Garrett, 2013). In my opinion, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study had no right to exist because it violated the right to life and the right to dispose of one’s health, choosing the most appropriate treatment option. I regard the Tuskegee Syphilis Study as the acme of brutality and cruelty, not having any excuses. Ethical considerations are extremely important in the medical field since often it is not only about human health, but also about the human. Human life is priceless, and it belongs primarily to the man to whom it is given. Everyone has the right to autonomy of choice and opportunity to obtain accurate information about his/her health.

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