Top 4 Things to Do if Your Professor Hates You

Top 4 Things to Do if Your Professor Hates You

It may be or may not be a fact, but if your professor constantly gives you bad grades for no apparent reason, uses your papers as a guide to show other students how they shouldn’t write papers, or reacts to your questions in an incorrect way – chances are your professor hates you. If you feel or have suspicions that it’s happening – here’s what you should do.

Take a Сloser Look at the Issue

Maybe, your professor really hates you, but most of the time, it’s not the case. To understand it, you should look into that matter like an observer and only accept facts, not assumptions. Maybe, it’s your attitude or behavior that professor doesn’t like, or maybe, it’s something silly you said in the past without even noticing it, or maybe, something else triggered that kind of attitude. But most likely it’s not hate, but a certain degree of discontent, because hating is a serious emotion, and one should have serious reasons for this. Try to recollect the incident after which your professor started to behave this way. Or maybe, it wasn’t about one moment, but about a series of moments? Looking at the issue as an emotionless observer who can only accept undeniable facts can be pretty useful.

Find an Ideal Solution

When thinking about the ideal solution just allow yourself to imagine it whatever it may be – even if your ideal solution is just dropping out of the class. Maybe, it’s about changing your professor, reducing the interaction with him/her, showing the true face of your professor in public or even getting your professor fired. The goal of this exercise is to understand what you want most.

Find a Realistic Solution

Now when you have thought over all options and selected the ones that you would like to be embodied most, look at them critically and prioritize those, which look most realistic. Look if it’s not too late to transfer to another course or if you can be transferred to other section of the class. Maybe first things first you need to talk to your professor and see if your problem can be solved easily. In some cases, solving this problem can be as easy as having one in-depth conversation. Usually, conversations, like this, are able to give both of your understanding of how productive communication can look like.

Make a Plan and Set a Deadline

In case nothing helped and all your attempts to rise a flag for peace were useless, you have to go for plan B. Because when situation gets unbearable you have to act quickly. Look at solutions that you have came up with, choose the most feasible, make a plan, set a deadline and act!

Before deciding to do anything talk to your tutors, friends, other professors, or people who can help you. Maybe, they can offer you a solution that you haven’t even thought about and that would be priceless.