How to Make Your First College Relationship Work

How to Make Your First College Relationship Work

6 Ways to Make Your First Relationship Work When You’re in College

Starting college means not only studies, parties, and freedom, but also relationships, especially romantic ones. Even though you might have had your first relationship in high school, you know that college relationship is absolutely different. So, what should your expectations be? How to start and not fail your first college relationship? These and other concerning issues are covered in the following tips.

It Takes Longer to Learn about Each Other

The main difference between college and high school is that people know less about your past. Undoubtedly, you have no idea who your new partner’s parents and friends from home are. Thus, it is important to talk about all the people who are a part of your partner’s life. Eventually, you will become a part of it as well. So, there is nothing weird that at first you talk about them more than about anything else.

Now You Can Enjoy Mutual Sleepovers

The main advantage of college relationship is having sleepovers together. Parents can’t say no since they don’t check in on you at night. Besides, it is a great way to spend more time together at the end of hard day.

Avoid Tensions with Your Roommate

In high school, your partner could visit you at any time without bothering anyone in your room. However, being in college means sharing your space with your roommate. Thus, it is recommended to check with your roommate before inviting your partner since it might be annoying for your roommate to have your partner over every day and night.

Learn How to Prioritize

Like in high school, your main task is to learn how to manage your relationship, friends, and schoolwork. If you don’t find a perfect balance, you won’t succeed in one or another sphere of your life.

Be Ready for Long-Distance Relationship

Your new partner is supposedly not from your hometown. As a result, you will have to manage long-distance relationship during breaks. The most challenging and longest periods you will have to deal with are winter and summer breaks. In order to make the time apart more manageable, you can always plan trips to see each other.

Compromises are Inevitable

The fact remains that all relationships take compromise. Thus, if you want your relationship to work, you have to do something for another person even though you are not used to it.

It is important to not let your new relationship rule your college experience that is also about making new friends and getting your GPA high. Thus, don’t miss the opportunity to spend time separately. Regardless of whether you are in high school or in college, every relationship will be different. Keep in mind that trust, honesty, and compatibility are the most essential things in every relationship despite the differences.