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Good morning distinguished friends, faculty members, and graduates of 2045. I urge you to feel welcome to my speech and to the event in general. It is a pleasure for me to have this opportunity to deliver the commencement speech. My friends, kindly note, that your success in the field will be dependent on two factors ‑ luck and your willingness to progress. We owe all technological advancements to engineers that were somewhere working on them. Therefore, you ought to appreciate yourselves for your ability to provide solutions to the world problems.

To begin with, engineers are people in the society who are willing to apply science in order to find practical and simple solutions to the problems that the society faces. They spare a big portion of their time to help the society they live in to become better. Take, for example, Steve Jobs ‑ a person I have admired from the time I started studying in this college. His efforts have changed the world we live in. Engineers should design, develop, and organize equipment that is used to ease work or save lives. They should devote their efforts to the society they live in. As engineers, you should strive to contribute to the welfare of the society.  

Dear riends, the world today comprises of many structures. Every day, we live the engineering dream, and it is indicative that the world was built by engineers. The revolutionary projects that have helped humanity live better were undertaken by engineers. Great innovations that other fields, such as medicine, information technology, education, and business, use today were developed by engineers. Equipment that humanity uses, e.g. cars, and buildings where they live were also built by engineers.

Dear graduates, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that engineers work through frustrations, failures, and regrets. In their course of working, they are mocked and despised. Let it be known to you that every success begins with a failure and failure does not mean you are a fool ‑ it just means you need to try once more but use a different approach. Therefore, engineers work by testing new methods, failing, and trying more.

I would also like to inform you that the work that engineers do may save lives. For example, I have a great passion for engineering and this has motivated me to become a founder of several revolutionary inventions which are saving lives. I have designed and organized mass production of inexpensive cars tthat use water instead of fuel. Every person can buy the car and use it. In my innovation, I am aiming at saving lives by reducing the environmental hazards caused by cars, especially air pollution and global warming. People will live longer, because they will face fewer effects of global warming. It is therefore your responsibility to design, create, and build practical things that will save lives.

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You made the best decision in joining KAIST University and you should be happier that you have successfully graduated. I would like you to learn from my example now that I also studied here. With over thirty years of practice, I have made several innovations, and together with my colleges we are still planning more. It will provide more opportunities for humanity. I remember the words of Steve Jobs that, “Technology is nothing in comparison with human potential and their opportunities.” Therefore, be inspired that you are the next generation of engineers known worldwide. Dear graduates take pains and struggle to make the world a better place to live. All the other fields of science including medicine and education are waiting for your innovations. I want to wish you all the best in your career and remember to always make conscious decisions.

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