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The United States Access Board sets regulation that should be followed when fixing wall mirrors. Many laws established by the government influenced this research on wall mirrors significantly (Shukla 243). Government regulations advocate proper techniques to be applied when constructing walls. These techniques will allow people to walk along the corridor or path without bumping into walls. The Government Building Act proposes an above cane sweep height which protrudes four inches without being hazardous.

More interventions were made by the government concerning the installation of mirrors. According to the government, the owner of the whole building is responsible for all replacement and maintenance cost of any installed mirror. In this case, the project team must be responsible for all the maintenance and replacement costs. The government highlights that any mirror installation in the building should be approved. There is a specific council that accomplishes this task. It carries out all the purchases and installations of mirrors (Shukla 212).

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According to the government, all applications for the installation of mirrors must include the cost associated with the purchase of the mirror and related materials. What is more, the council’s installation cost of the mirror should be included. The committee assigned with approving installation of mirrors only recommends them for particular uses (Shukla 356). The board approves a sight-distance mirror only for single private access. The law does not approve wall mirror installations for multiple purposes.

Any damage caused to the mirror by maintenance activities or other operations is not compensated by the government. Neither the council nor the government leaders are involved in the repairing and compensation processes related to the mirrors. Any application concerning wall mirror installation must be made by the poverty owner, or by an inhabitant with the written authority of the owner, to the general manager (Shukla 112).

Research defines government surveillance as one of the factors that influence type and quality of mirrors installed in most modern buildings. Government inspection of technology resources tends to vary from country to country. The current monitoring body in the field of constructions claims that all buildings should adopt new building codes. The new laws also reflect the increased quality of building materials and healthy buildings. In addition, the laws also claim that mirrors installed in cubicles should be supplied with sufficient maneuvering space outside the door to a square of WC-1.5m. The space allows the use of the mirror from afar reducing damages and another maintenance costs that might be incurred.

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The government also recommends the size of the height from the floor where the mirror should be fitted. This regulation reduces chances of breaking the mirror when performing other activities on the floor, such as repair of tiles. Another possible danger is mirror breakage by children while playing near a building (Shukla 113). Proper installation of mirrors should not interfere with the ventilation in the room. In most public buildings, the government recommends double mirrors that help maintain the inner temperature. The governments also play a significant role in the provision of hardware that is used for the installation. Interestingly, the government occasionally even funds projects related to the wall mirrors.

The use of observational research was the most significant approach employed to provide primary data concerning this study. It enabled data collection about the mirrors previously used in constructions. Many people cannot manage to provide such information. The research also involved the application of survey techniques. The study included different mirror designs to investigate their performances. Fortunately, technology enables the collection of descriptive data on the buying behavior of wall mirror purchasers. The survey method was discovered to be flexible when applied to this type of study (Shukla 678).

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Other technological method employed involves the use of mail, telephone, e-mail, fax and personal interview. The use of mail to collect data on wall mirrors is the most economical method, because it can be used to obtain a large amount of information at low cost. Promotions made during the research include appointment of some of our project members as research specialists. Other team members of the research project got chances of marketing themselves (Shukla 45). They exposed their capabilities and skills to the public. They got employed as constructors and designers of wall mirrors.

As a result of this research, the nominees for senior ranks achieved higher levels of national and international recognition. The research team had an opportunity to get experience in diversified fields of specialization. A record of study funding as a principal investigator of the condition of mirrors used in construction offered significant support to the research outcome. The funding of the project included particular credits of the nominee who was obtained through competitive peer-reviewed activities by the national leaders. The International Funding Initiative, major project grant, major conferences, shared equipment for research and strategic global initiative award were obtained (Shukla 100).

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Installing mirrors at home is an expensive process, because the mirrors are bulky and fragile. When the mirror breaks, it creates hazards to the people living in the house. Installing mirrors on the wall is carried out by qualified engineers in order to avoid breakages and losses.

Therefore, the cost of mirror installation in the house includes buying cost, installation fee and the maintenance cost of the mirrors. The price of a mirror ranges depending on its size and features. The price of a full-length mirror is higher than that of a standard length mirror. Mirrors that can be replaced by an individual will cost less than standard wall-sized mirrors. Some mirrors may need to be installed by a furniture repair expert rather than a contractor, which increases the cost of installation.

The price of a new mirror ranges between $70 and one $105. Mounting of a mirrors requires some extra hardware, the cost of which usually varies between $60 and $65. The total cost of installing a new mirror varies between $190 and $275. In this case, the contractor is licensed and insured. The geographical location and the availability of a professional used determine the final cost (Shukla 98). Thus, the research process faced a challenge of selecting the best type of mirror as well as funding the cost required to make the project a success. Other expenditure covered transportation of the mirror from the shop to the place where the project took place. The purchase of food and other essentials required by the researcher are also counted as expenses incurred during the whole research process.

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The suggested future technique to be applied for advertising and marketing of wall mirrors is an effective political campaign. Politicians should participate in marketing to magazines that help sprea information concerning the wall mirrors. The rules should also enforce specific powers and standards that govern designs and models of mirrors. The law should suggest appropriate kinds of mirrors in all modern buildings in both rural and urban regions. These rules help expand the market as well as the demand for the modern types of wall mirrors  (Shukla 657).

Information about the modern wall mirrors posted in the magazines and social media creates awareness of the need and importance of these products. Photographs and videos that demonstrate the qualities of a real wall mirror also play an important role in advertising the need for a wall mirror.

Promotional coupons for the buyers who conduct multiple purchases will increase the sales of these commodities. Many more people will share their coupons with those who wish to buy mirrors. However, some people may abstain from using wall mirrors simply because they are not familiar with the installation process. The middle class should be well-informed about the mounting and maintenance processes. As a result, more wall mirrors will be purchased by different construction agencies (Shukla 324). All things considered, the producers of mirrors should ensure that their products are durable and long-lasting in order to attract more customers. Quality wall mirrors with excellent services will increase customer satisfaction.

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