Writing for Positive Effects in Business Communication

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Business Communication

It is the sharing of information between people within an enterprise for the benefit of the organization. It is also referred to how company shares information to promote the products and services offered to the consumers. It also guides the staffs how to communicate through the writing of the memos, letters as well as organizational reports. They explore the latest business technology such as desktop publishing and video conferencing among others. Many companies aim at providing quality services and employ qualified employees to improve the productivity. Therefore, it is important to improve the communication of the company to enhance employee’s engagement and empowerment on a business. Proper communication is essential because it matters a lot in the success of the organization. It is also the connection between all levels of the firm. The research focuses on the positive effect business communication and the strategies to write in a positive way.

Positive Effects of Business Communication

Global Business

Effective communication helps to meet the needs and demands of the business both locally and globally. Business transactions are expanding at a higher rate and; therefore, employees should learn how to communicate with people from different countries. It assists people to learn and understand the terms used in different cultures in which some may be offensive depending on the background of people. Effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills help the staffs to maneuver the global marketplaces, thus, helping the company to expand beyond its domestic borders.

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Team Building         

It also helps employees and managers to develop highly organized and efficient teams. Employees can trust each other as well as management. It also controls unnecessary competition within various organizational departments and makes employees work together in harmony. As a result, the company realizes high productivity, responsibility, and integrity. Employees learn about their roles in the team and feel they are appreciated. The seniors can correct mistakes of the juniors by avoiding a hostile work environment. The open communication between superiors and subordinates fosters good relationships that benefit the company as a whole (Williams, 2010).

Employee Morale. Effective communication improves the morale of employees. They appreciate the good flow of communication from the management since it provides a healthy environment to work in. Being satisfied with their jobs, they perform their duties efficiently with a positive attitude (Williams, 2010). Inefficient communication in a workplace may frustrate the employees, and; therefore, it should be avoided by all possible means. The managers can keep the lines of communication open to all.

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Culture Improvement in the Workplace. It develops the long lasting motivation to the employees. Wilson 2012 states that a well-established organizational communication benefits the workplace with improved relationships. It makes the activities of the institution to move smoothly by helping the staff to understand the goals and the direction a company is going. It develops a process of communication such as the emails that follow the chain of command and face to face interactions.

Time Management. Effective communication will assist to improve management of time in the company. In every institution, time is a very important factor because it enables the employees to meet their target within a specific period. The managers and supervisors can manage their own time as well as help the rest of the staff to focus on the deadlines. Understanding the process of communication and the skills will open many chances to improved productivity.

Sense of Belonging. According to Mary and Dana (2014), openness and sharing of information in the workplace is very important since it makes the staff feel important. Various means of communication such as emails, letters, and face to face interactions help to solve many issues especially when the matter involves a sensitive issue. The staff can express their concerns about their feelings, and they will feel important.

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Job Satisfaction. Effective communication increases employee job satisfaction by empowering the employees.  The employers or managers can listen to employees and respond to them, thus, making them feel happy (Fred, 2012).

Strategies of Positive Business Communication

Respect of Culture Differences. Nowadays, companies hire foreign employees as well as work with colleagues abroad. Due to that, the management requires to be culturally sensitive and aware of the minor differences and the way in which people of different countries and cultures interpret words through writing and speaking. Therefore, they need to create an environment that understands the needs of all their employees irrespective of the culture (Neal, 2010).

Channel of Communication. Effective communication requires one to know the audience to make an informed decision on the channels to use. It will help to know whether the recipients will get the information well or pass it along. It will assist to decide whether to choose the brochure, letter, memo, emails and other forms of communication (Greg, 2011).

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Concentrate on the Meaning. The meaning of the message influences the decision making and behavior of the company. According to Kelvin (2011), to achieve excellent communication, there is a need to concentrate on the purpose and relevance of the message without unnecessary details. All the information should be simple, aspiring and easy to understand. Particular messages with the purpose help the employees connect their efforts with the aspirations of the company.

Openness. Ensure the communication is open to enable the members of the company to share and give the feedback, and also offer criticism where it is needed. Commitment to the open communication helps to create an environment that encourages the trust and can also give the foundation for success. It also encourages the positive feedback between the employees since there are no hidden agendas.


In conclusion, the study firmly shows that the business communication greatly affects the performance of many companies. It is useful to both employees and business practitioners since it improves their performance. The business communication strategies also help the corporate managers to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and the relevant areas that need managerial attention.

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