Project Overview: General Health Education

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Education is a way to wisdom and intelligence. The knowledge is the best method of protection, because an educated person can forecast some situation, concerning life and health. Although the health control regards health protection, but it also envelops the staff development, patient, and family education.

Patient Education

Patients’ education should be effective and have the elements of warning. An attractive theme of the lesson is helpful. In this case, it is The Invisible Dander of the Viruses. This problem seems to be understandable and known for everyone, but the qualitative, professional help and explanation can give real protection of personal life and health. The learners are hospital patients. It is possible to assume that hospital can have the biggest influence on patients, observing different diseases and problems. The lessons are intended to last approximately six hours spread into two or in one hour every day. The educational and developmental level of them must be sufficient, but not too high. The readiness to learn depends only on personal desire of a patient.

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The acute problem of the viruses spreading causes the strong necessity and purpose of this type of education. The selecting of the lesson was rational. At the present, the problem of the diseases caused by different viruses becomes more serious. The viruses develop and transform into new forms. Citizens often mix the notion of bacterial infection with the viruses. Thus, a certain education can protect them from it. It is true that medical personal does not have the necessary level of teaching theoretical base. That is why teachers of the educational lessons for patients must use some theoretical literature to effectively apply information. Teachers should also use the special medical literature and vocabularies for the development of the lessons. It can create the necessary theoretical bases for the teaching reproach. All of these depend on the goals and objectives.

The statement of goals and objectives is the most important part of education planning. The main objective of patients’ education is advancing the society about the serious danger of viruses. The goal of the lessons is an attempt to make people confident and protected. The Bloom’s taxonomy regards the objectives of education from another side. Thus, the aim is to give the knowledge about the nature of the virus, supporting its comprehension. The help of the qualitative teacher’s explanations and easy examples can achieve it. It is necessary to admit that at the end of lessons patients should use and apply knowledge. Although it is hard to determine the real situation, it is possible to make some interesting assignments with the purpose of control.

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Thus, the content of the lessons includes the nature of viruses, the elements of their structure, and differentiation from the bacteria. It must be also admitted diseases and problems caused by viruses and ways of protection. The teaching activity has to envelope different types of work in order to represent, learn, and check new information. A teacher must first explain new information in an easy, comprehensive way. It is better to do some assignments about that. At the end of the lessons, it is recommended to summarize everything up and discuss it. A teacher’s speech has to be easy and understandable, applying time from time elements of humor with the purpose to make people relax. A professor should dedicate for each activity at least 20 minutes and changes them constantly. It is useful to apply interesting and effective presentations, to supply all patients with papers with diagrams and tables. Its learners must also evaluate the process of education.

Family Education

The development of effective methods of birth control in the country needs special efforts. It is possible to achieve some good results through family education. It concerns mostly young families or couples. The title of such lessons is The Pregnancy Planning. The learners are quite young, and they should understand the necessity of this education, because it can preserve them from abortions. Moreover, education helps people be ready for pregnancy and later, give birth to a healthy baby. The level of education must concern essential issues of the topic, describe and evaluate all the possible variants. Every young family can decide whether they should attend such lessons or not. Of course, it is quite necessary to know this for everyone, but it is essential for women at the fertile age, because they are the most ready to comprehend it.

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The selecting of this lesson is not accidental. The problem of the pregnancy planning is quite serious. There are many questions with issue, and young couples want to know the answers to all of them. The rationale of it is to inform the society about the right planning of a pregnancy and educate citizens before the delivery of a baby. In addition to it, the level of abortions in the country can possibly reduce in case of increasing the knowledge about this. Every teacher has to be ready not only to the lessons, but also to answer different questions afterwards. They all should have some theoretical and philosophical base. Every teacher must evaluate the philosophy of the contemporary young families and support them, directing their ideas to the right direction. Besides, it is also necessary to know the scientific and medical theory and different approaches to education. Thus, there are several important goals of the learning.

The most important goal of family education is the development of the most effective methods that lead to the birth control. It is also important to determine all the positive and negative aspects provoked by all methods of the birth control. A key aspect of birth control methods is the fact they help to plan and do management of pregnancy in a family. However, it is an acute need to teach young women to control and plan their wanted and unwanted pregnancy. Moreover, it will be the most useful for female students of the fertile age. The activity’s aim is to supply a depiction of all opportunities, which provide full comprehension, and overview of the birth control methods (Cerbin, 2011). According to the Bloom’s taxonomy, it will be useful to give family education in order to achieve personal evaluation and analyze (Armstrong, n.d.).

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The content of the lesson includes essential information. A teacher explains the most important terms and defines their meaning. The content also envelops the ways of contraception and planning a healthy pregnancy. This activity entails an elaboration of methods such as interactive activity and non-lecture cases (Jahan, 2008). A teacher tells new information and asks some questions during the explanation. Later, he/she gives some real life examples, and asks to evaluate the situation and find the mistake. After that, a learner can summarize all the given material. The strategy of the lessons depends on the comprehension and behavior of the couples. A teacher should be ready to change the strategy during the lesson. The time for every activity depends on the mood and interest of the auditory. The presentation of some interesting materials is necessary to use in order to make an impression. It is possible to apply the toy-model of a baby.

Staff Development

Actually, it is possible only to assume that a certain organization can cope with the goals and objectives of the work (Jahan, 2008). That is why, it is essential to provide sufficient staff development, and it can possibly help in realization of certain goals. The staff development lessons demand the planning and scheduling of the process, which indicate the central points and instructions of education (Thomas, Lee, & Thomas, 2008). The content overview makes learners understand the benefits from the lessons (Jahan, 2008). At the same time, the plans of the lesson support the aimed content of the lesson and the manner of its assessment. It appears to be easy for a teacher of the course to manage information, instruments, time, and strategies for giving the assignments and get all the possible cooperation that he or she may want from the learners (Thomas et al., 2008). Here is a typical lesson plan for enhancing staff development of an organization, which concerns the notion of the Staff Responsibility.

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The selection of the lesson’s theme has an important rational purpose. The staff development must improve all the time not only their professional skills but also the strong responsibility for someone’s health. The personal should realize the necessity of their devotion to work, and it must be not only compulsory, but also conscientious. However, the theory and the medical terminology will be not enough for teachers in order to convince staff in the strong responsibility. They must gather and prepare some theory, based on the philosophy. The question here seeks to determine what staff will learn, whether the results are measurable and whether staff will gain something after the lesson at all (Haynes, 2010).

The central goal of education is the attainment of the demanded knowledge and possibility to ally them at the certain moment. The learners must have a strong feeling of responsibility toward patients, at the end of the course. The purpose is to create motivations and need to the staff to realize its necessity and use it constantly. Staff members believe that it is essentially to achieve the capability for using something that he/she has learned during education (Hastie & Martin, 2006). Based on the Bloom’s Taxonomy, a teacher must have some necessary goals for lessons (Armstrong, n.d.). It is possible to assume that there are three the most serious goals for staff education: understanding, applying, and analyzing. However, all the objectives must be gathered into one accurate and logic plan of the lesson.

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The lesson consists of the key ideas of the medical workers responsibility. A teacher should describe the philosophical aspects of the problem, but should not explain the new information, just transform the old knowledge into new understanding. Moreover, a professor tells about the philosophical theory, concerning the notion of responsibility. Then, he/she must change the structure of the lesson, leading comprehensible communication. It is a certain effective strategy when a student changes the understanding during the process of communication. Not every activity can have a certain determined time; it depends on the behavior of the students.

Thus, general health education is an important element of health protection. The necessity of such lessons is obvious, because the knowledge can protect people from different complicated situations. Besides, education should enclose all groups of the heath control system. These are staff, patients, and families.

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