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Circumcision is a surgical operation that removes the foreskin of a penis. As a result, a glans of the penis remains constantly naked. The origin of the procedure has a long and very interesting history. Currently, there are several types of the circumcision proposed by different surgeons. In general, men can select a complete or incomplete circumcision that is the total or partial removal of the foreskin.

Nearly one-sixth of the male population of the Earth has undergone the procedure. However, experts still cannot come to a consensus about whether it is problem or the usual procedure. In some countries, circumcision is a part of historical, cultural, and religious traditions, the centuries-old enshrined practice. Nevertheless, it is not a fad of believers. This operation is mainly carried out for medical reasons. Circumcisidere (“cut around” from Latin) performs at a phimosis. In other words, people cannot deny a direct relationship of circumcision to the medical law.

Returning to the ethical norms, it is justifiable to say that the procedure is a violation. Due to the sexual ethics, nations that practice circumcision completely despise four ethical principles. They are voluntariness, respect, honesty, and individual security. The operation is executed without the consent of small boys. Respect for human life must not lean back. There is a need to appreciate the choice of everyone making everything possible to ensure the security of every person. In other words, the circumcision can be called a human rights violation (Mackinnon, 2012).

Following the ethical theories, Kant’s ideas more accurately reflect the nature of the problem. Man is a creature that learns and develops. It is a moral being. Based on Kant’s ethical views, a person cannot be forced to any actions by fraud or lack of maturity. Correspondingly, the circumcision cannot be applied to underage persons. It is prohibited to do surgery to the boys due to the age-old traditions. Every human action has to be meaningful. In the case discussed, boys have neither life experience nor understanding of what is happening (Blank, 2010). At an early age, they are not educated and independent enough to endure and resist coercion or pressure from the adults (Mackinnon, 2012).

Next to the facts, circumcision is often carried out not for medical and not even for religious reasons. People just like the trimmed foreskin and consider the procedure as a useful operation. Moreover, many men claim that circumcision helps reduce the sensitivity of the glans of the penis, which allows significantly extend the sexual act and bring more pleasure to a partner. Nevertheless, a special study of the American sexologists have not established a significant reduction in sensitivity, which means that it is nothing more than a myth invented by men (Peristein, 2014).

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Some of the data convinced that the majority of sexually transmitted infections have been found in circumcised men much more rarely than in uncircumcised. It is possible as far as due to the absence of a proper hygiene, germs can live in the folds of the foreskin and breed there causing a disease. In addition, women more like the look of circumcised foreskin of the penis. Although, the opposite points of view are also frequent. Proceeding from the above, circumcision is really a useful thing if men are unable or unwilling to look after themselves properly and regularly wash. In other cases – it is a matter of personal tastes and preferences (Peristein, 2014).

There is also many arguments against the procedure of circumcision, and the first of them is its unnaturalness. Physiologically, a glans of the penis must be covered and moistened. If there is no cover, it dries and requires the use of a special grease. In addition, the smegma contains lysozyme, which significantly reduces the chances of infection of the urethra. That is why medical practice shows an interesting fact. Infections of the penis are five times more common in the first years of life of the children who have made the procedure of circumcision.

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Returning to the ethical side of the issue, it is necessary to consider the psychological aspect. Children are circumcised without being asking for an agreement. When a child grows up, he can decide whether he wants circumcision. In addition, often the pain and the surgery itself become a major stress for the baby. Problems often arise if the operation is carried out at the age when a child can realize the consequences (Peristein, 2014).

Most men believe that the clipped foreskin greatly impoverishes the sexual relationship. It is possible because during the frictions the foreskin moves. It helps to make richer the feeling in the most simple and natural way. Today, a very large number of men and women consider circumcision a superfluous and unnecessary surgery similar to a prophylactic excision of the tonsils or an appendix. Moreover, its positive impact is not noticeable in all cases.

Speaking about all sides, a medical nurse is an equally important player in the procedure. The general condition of the patient, the healing process, and the progress of the operation depend on her/him. One of the most important duties of a nurse is the professional secrecy unless it affects the interests of society of the patient. Nurses have no right to disclose and discuss information about the disease and the patient’s intimate life, which they receive when performing their duties.

According to the ethical norms, there are medical mistakes that people should distinguish from criminal acts that are punishable by the law. Professional errors often associate with insufficient knowledge, lack of experience, and imperfect research methods. Medical workers should analyze them not to repeat those mistakes again. A small operation like a circumcision may end fatally.

To conclude, certainly, there are many countries and nations where the circumcision is an integral part of the culture. The main issue is that they do not take into account the views of the world on the operation and a violation of ethical norms. Nevertheless, many men do it as a way of hygienic preventive surgery.

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