Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: 40 Fresh Ideas

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Common Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Warm Up

To begin with, find several similarities and differences between the following issues:
1.    Real and online communication;
2.    Winter Olympic Games and Summer Olympic Games;
3.    Cars and bicycles;
4.    Handwritten letters and email letters;
5.    Children and adults.

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Simple Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

6.    Typing and handwriting;
7.    Pets and wild animals;
8.    Having a personal car and using public transport;
9.    Studying at home and going to a public school;
10.    Bought presents and handmade presents.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics in Humanities

11.    Non-violent movements and wars;
12.    Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson;
13.    Dead languages and extinct languages;
14.    Symphonies and electronic music;
15.    Paintings and photos.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics in Natural Sciences

16.    Level lands and hills;
17.    Potatoes and tomatoes;
18.    Minerals and vitamins;
19.    Insects and birds;
20.    Organic food and genetically modified products.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Personalities

21.    Miley Cyrus and Celine Dion;
22.    Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey;
23.    Steve Jobs and Bill Gates;
24.    Moliere and Shakespeare;
25.    Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Pop Culture

26.    Antique art and modern art;
27.    Social networks and newspapers;
28.    TV shows and documentaries;
29.    The Vampire Diaries and The Twilight
30.    Reading books and watching movies based on books.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Social Issues

31.    Formal marriage and civil marriage;
32.    Parents’ and peers’ influence;
33.    Chinese and English;
34.    Texting while attending classes and while driving;
35.    College education and self-education.

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Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

36.    Friendship and love;
37.    Junk food and healthy food;
38.    Obesity and anorexia;
39.    Gay marriage and straight marriage;
40.    American children and African children.

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