Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: 40 Fresh Ideas

Throughout your academic years, you will be assigned different types of papers, writing projects, and tasks the purpose of which is to test your skills and knowledge. All of them have to be completed properly and in a timely manner. Failure to do so will negatively affect your academic performance.

One of the papers you’ll need to write is a compare and contrast essay. To succeed in writing a compare and contrast essay properly, you need to know its major peculiarities, i.e. writing, structural, and formatting. Moreover, it’s worth being aware of the best compare and contrast topics to make the selection process easier unless you are assigned a compare and contrast essay topic by your professor.

In this article, we are going to reveal the details of this type of paper and highlight good topics for compare and contrast essay papers.

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Explaining What Compare and Contrast Essays Are

These are the academic papers based on a thorough analysis of two or more subjects. Such academic works are to highlight both differences and similarities of the addressed items. Usually, the subjects that are compared belong to the same category or class, though they possess the features that differ them from each other. For example, one may need to compare two movies, plays, animals, etc. Compare and contrast essays have to be concentrated on the main point and underline the importance of the made analysis.

It’s necessary to add that compare and contrast essays are common type of papers assigned to college and university students. In this way, professors want to assess their analytical skills and their ability to choose appropriate compare and contrast topic ideas and make strong arguments about the chosen compare and contrast essay topic.

Instructions as to How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

The process of writing a compare and contrast essay involves several stages. One of the most important stages is choosing a superior compare and contrast essay topic. So, let’s see what other stages of the writing process are and what they are focused on:

Pick the Right Subject

Pick two ideas or subjects that have a firm connection with each other. Make certain that the subjects have enough differences and similarities.

Determine Similar Features

Examine common features and peculiarities of the chosen subjects. Identify the degree and scope of similarities.

Set the Basic Features of Comparison

Use the points of comparison determined in the above step to form a basis for your paper. Each similar feature has to be explained in a separate paragraph supported with facts and examples.

Point out Differences

Explore how two subjects/items differ from each other. Examine the features intrinsic to a specific subject only. Support your ideas and statements with concrete cats and powerful evidence.

Set the Structure of Your Work

When creating compare and contrast essays, you are to the best fitting structural mode, i.e. either a point-by-point method or the clock one. The former is focused on investigating the points of comparison between two subjects. It allows making a more careful analysis of differences and similarities. The latter means examining each subject in a separate paragraph addressing all core features of one subject first and then moving to another one.

Provide Supporting Data

Make sure to provide strong arguments and undeniable facts when discussing differences and similarities between the subjects. Remember to use credible sources of information.

Use Transitions

To write a compare and contrast essay smoothly, use transitions such as on the one hand, similarly, etc. Transition words will ensure a logical connection between the paragraphs.

Create a Concluding Summary

Sum up both the comparison points and contrast. Stress that analyzing the chosen contrast essay topic is important and explain why. Make a considerate final statement that will make readers ponder over the subject in question.

Adhering to these guidelines, it may be easier for you to write a compare and contrast essay that provides valuable information about a specific matter. If find producing essays on comparing and contrasting topics challenging, consider using our college essay paper writing service. Our team will provide you with substantial college essay writing help.

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Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay Thesis Statement

When producing compare and contrast essays, close attention has to be paid to a thesis statement that is to be provided at the end of an introductory paragraph. It performs several functions, i.e. it:

  • Informs readers about the significance of the selected subject;
  • Helps readers understand the paper structure;
  • Highlights the core point, which the paper is focused on.

It is essential to create a thesis statement that is disputable. Additionally, it:

  • Has to contain an answer to the question included in the topic;
  • Shouldn’t include the paraphrased subject to provoke readers’ thinking about the topic;
  • Should consists of one or a couple of sentences.

It is necessary to admit that the process of creating a thesis may take much time. Some students even prefer to write it once all paper sections are produced. It’s up to you to decide when to write your thesis. However, if you are doubt whether you are able to create a solid thesis, contact us for college essay writing help. Our company specializes in providing a fantastic college essay paper writing service. We can create different types of papers, cover comparing and contrasting essay topics related to various academic fields, etc.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Outline: What to Keep in Mind

A great way of composing a comprehensive and logical piece of writing is to create a detailed outline. It will help you discuss all important topic-related aspects and make your academic work coherent and easy to follow. Your outline should include the major structural components such as an introduction, body, and conclusion, and the related points. It’s necessary to say that the first and final sections will be more or less similar in all essays, meaning:

  • The first unit provides the basic data about the topic and encourages readers to read the entire paper.
  • The final section sums up the major points discussed in a paper.

As to the body section, this is the very part that will be different in each paper.

The essays built around compare and contrast ideas are schematically structured in the following way:

A. For the point-by-point comparison mode:

  1. Introductory unit with a thesis.
  2. The body paragraph covering the first similar feature of the addressed subjects.
  3. The body paragraph covering the second similar feature of the addressed subjects.
  4. …………….
  5. Concluding section.

B. For the subject-by-subject comparison mode:

  1. Introductory unit with a thesis.
  2. The body paragraph covering all points of comparison of the first subject.
  3. The body paragraph covering all points of comparison of the second subject.
  4. ……………..
  5. Concluding section.

This outline will help you arrange your writing process in the right manner no matter the topics for compare and contrast essay papers. If professional essay writing help is required, you are always welcome to use our online paper writing service. Our team of qualified specialist can help you discuss subjects related to any academic filed.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Compare and Contrast Topics

It’s very important to pick a good idea among numerous compare and contrast essay topics since the chosen subject sets the basis for the entire paper framing its direction and impacting the nature of the analysis. Choosing an appealing subject among the available good compare and contrast essay topics will help you grab readers’ attention and encourage them to keep investigating the subject. An important thing to keep in mind: when choosing a topic for your paper, make certain that the subjects are not totally different because in that case there won’t be enough similarities between them to make an objective analysis.

To give you a better understanding of how to select a truly good idea among hundreds of compare and contrast essay topics, we have prepared a few useful hints:

  • Study professor’s instructions. In this way, you will know what is expected from you and which direction to move in.
  • Determine the category. Select a type of category, i.e. movies, animals, games, etc. Then, compare the subjects within the chosen category.
  • Do extensive research. Browse reliable sources to pick some interesting compare and contrast ideas.
  • Narrow down the chosen options. Analyze the selected themes and pick those which presuppose having enough similarities and differences. Additionally, pay attention to the complexity of the picked subject and the availability of literature about it.
  • Single out some unexpected facts. Try to find some interesting facts about the topic you’ve chosen. This will help you capture readers’ attention from the very first lines of your academic work.
  • Mind the topic relevance and importance. Selecting a topic, ensure it’s relevant to your course, and the outcome of the made analysis could be applied to real-life situations.

If you see that it’s hard for you to find good compare and contrast essay topics, contact us. Since our team consists of skilled and talented specialists, you are guaranteed to get nothing but valuable essay writing help. Note that we are open 24/7, which means you can reach out to us at any time suitable for you. – An Outstanding Writing Company to Get Assistance From

If you ever encounter any difficulties with your assignments, compare and contrast essay papers in particular, reach out to us at We understand all the hurdles, which students may face throughout the academic years and are ready to help them overcome those. Whether you need assistance in producing the entire paper or choosing the best compare and contrast topic ideas, contact immediately. Every writer working in our expert team is aware of the latest compare and contrast essay topics. Our professionals want to share their knowledge with you and present the following lists of fresh topics to write about. So, have a look the list of topics provided below and choose the one, which you find engaging.

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Common Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Warm Up

To begin with, find several similarities and differences between the following issues:

  1. Real and online communication;
  2. Winter Olympic Games and Summer Olympic Games;
  3. Cars and bicycles;
  4. Handwritten letters and email letters;
  5. Children and adults.

Simple Comparing and Contrasting Essay Topics

  1. Typing and handwriting;
  2. Pets and wild animals;
  3. Having a personal car and using public transport;
  4. Studying at home and going to a public school;
  5. Bought presents and handmade presents.

Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay Papers in Humanities

  1. Non-violent movements and wars;
  2. Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson;
  3. Dead languages and extinct languages;
  4. Symphonies and electronic music;
  5. Paintings and photos.

Compare and Contrast Topic Ideas in Natural Sciences

  1. Level lands and hills;
  2. Potatoes and tomatoes;
  3. Minerals and vitamins;
  4. Insects and birds;
  5. Organic food and genetically modified products.

Good Compare and Contrast Topics: Personalities

  1. Miley Cyrus and Celine Dion;
  2. Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey;
  3. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates;
  4. Moliere and Shakespeare;
  5. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

Compare and Contrast Topics: Pop Culture

  1. Antique art and modern art;
  2. Social networks and newspapers;
  3. TV shows and documentaries;
  4. The Vampire Diaries and The Twilight;
  5. Reading books and watching movies based on books.

Compare and Contrast Ideas: Social Issues

  1. Formal marriage and civil marriage;
  2. Parents’ and peers’ influence;
  3. Chinese and English;
  4. Texting while attending classes and while driving;
  5. College education and self-education.

Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Friendship and love;
  2. Junk food and healthy food;
  3. Obesity and anorexia;
  4. Gay marriage and straight marriage;
  5. American children and African children.

If you do not know what issues you should compare in your paper, do not get upset. We are here to assist you. We never deny customers’ requests since we understand that they need expert help and support at a certain point of their studies. So, whenever our assistance is required, you’re welcome to us.

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  3. Get an expert assigned. Once the financial transaction goes through, one of the writers on our team will be assigned to your paper. Note that in case you don’t have a topic for your work, the expert can help you choose a good idea among numerous comparison topics.
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