Relationships in College: Advantages and Disadvantages

Relationships in College: Advantages and Disadvantages

Positives and Negatives of Having a Significant Other in College

It is possible to be in a relationship in college but this can bring about some problems too. You might be tempted everywhere in spite of the fact that your boyfriend studies in the same college as you. All things have their positive and negative sides. Relationship in college is not an exception.


You Always Have Someone Who Listens to You

Undoubtedly, being a student in college causes mental and emotional stress. As a matter of a fact, your significant other will listen to you carefully and even might give a piece of advice.

You Get to Know many Interesting Things about Your Personality

Having a relationship teaches you much regarding what you would like to have and what wouldn’t. Relationship is some kind of a test that checks what you are worth and how other people should treat you.

You are Devoid of Stress that Dating Brings

When you receive a message from your boyfriend or girlfriend, you devote so much time to decide what to write back. You always question yourself whether you did this right or wrong.

Choosing Clothes doesn’t Take so Much Time

You’ve already impressed your partner, therefore, you don’t need to wear your best clothes or always wear the make-up. Sometimes you just don’t have time for these things, especially if you’ve had a stressful day. The person of your interest likes you no matter what you wear.

You Also Have Life of Your Own

Very often people admit that if you have a partner in your early 20’s you don’t have time for your friends, you are not allowed to make new acquaintances. However, I think you can do everything you want, unless you let the relationships hold you back.


Partying with Your Sweetheart Isn’t Equal to Partying with Single Friends

You have responsibility to your boyfriend but your single friends don’t have it. They just go to the discos, dance, and talk with whoever they want. On the contrary, your partner has expectations and if you don’t meet them, you will come under the fire.

Distance Is not Easy

You lose many possibilities that college gives if your significant other lives too far from you. Moreover, you will miss weekend events in order to spend time with your boyfriend.

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You Should Worry about Your Sweetheart

Being in college, you set goals that you want to achieve. Nevertheless, many students concentrate on happiness of their partner and forget about their own.

You Lose Dating Experience

Dating can teach you many important things and will help you determine who you actually are. I dated different guys and learnt much regarding what I value in people and what I hate.

You Lose an Opportunity to Have Butterflies in Your Stomach

If you meet a person of your interest, at the beginning of your relationships you have the butterfly feeling, but later when you get accustomed to everything your partner possesses, you partly lose this feeling.

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