5 Ways to Study More Effectively

5 Ways to Study More Effectively

Student life is usually overwhelmed with a lot of different activities and responsibilities, so it can be really hard to focus on studying alone. Still, it’s one of the things required from you as a student, therefore you need to learn how to make the most out of your studying hours. Here are some study techniques you might consider adopting.

Change Your Attitude towards Studying

Unfortunately, many people view studying as a struggle instead of a chance to learn something new. Yes, it can be hard to change your vision of it, but scientists have proven that the way we see something influences our performance. That’s why you should try to approach studying in a positive mood. Some days are just not good for work. If you feel stressed about something or some other things occupy your mind, the chances are high you won’t be able to concentrate on studying. In such cases, it’s better to come back to it later.

Find the Right Spot

The place where you study also plays an important role. The noisier the place is the harder it might be to concentrate. However, sometimes even quiet spots won’t boost your studying if there are things that can distract you, like your phone, TV, or a roommate. That’s why try to move to remote places where you can completely immerse yourself in the books.

Make Your Own Outlines

Outlining is a handy tool when executed properly. It allows you to put any information into your own words so that it sticks in your mind easily. That’s why copying someone else’s outline won’t do much for your perception of the material. Every person has his or her own way of organizing information, so when you are trying to save time and use someone’s outlines, make sure you rewrite them in your own way.

Learn Mnemonic Devices

Memory games employ simple associations to memorize more complex information. The most common technique is creating nonsense sentences with the first letter of each word meaning something else. For example, the sentence “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas” helps to memorize the order of the planets in the Solar system. You can come up with your own devices to memorize any information.

Schedule Studying Sessions

Studying for an hour every day instead of 15 hours in a row before the exam will save you a lot of physical and mental health. It can be hard to make yourself dedicate some time to studying on a daily or weekly basis, but think about the ultimate result and that you won’t need to die under the overwhelming weight of all unlearned material later.

Finally, remember that college is supposed to be fun, so always try to take breaks from studying and do something for fun. Don’t forget to treat yourself when you deserve it, and don’t sacrifice everything just for the sake of studying. After all, college is not about studying, but about learning.