Additional Services – What Else Offers

Progressive Delivery for Large Orders

Our company – – offers a number of special services, one of which is progressive delivery for larger and more difficult assignments. If you have a paper that is, say, 10+ or 20+ pages (single or double spacing respectively), this method of delivery is designed to help you manage it in the best way possible.

The advantages of this delivery method are:

  • Helps you track the progress of your assignment since we will send your paper in parts (or in drafts) so that you can check/approve it before the time comes for you to finally submit it.
  • You get 30 days for free revision requests (the normal time for submitting such requests is 2 days).
  • You will get some of the best experts from to work on your assignment.
  • Your order will be personally monitored by a manager we assign to it. This expert will see that your assignment is completed to your satisfaction and that communication between yourself and your writer is as fast and effective as possible.

Here is how we send your drafts when you choose progressive delivery*:

  • If you give us a deadline line of, say, 4 days (or a lesser amount of time): We send one (the first) installment when around 50% of your deadline has passed and, at this time, we will send you 25% of your total assignment. (Essentially, if you order 20 pages of an assignment with 2 days deadline, you will receive a draft of 5 pages after 1 day has elapsed).
  • If you give us a deadline of, say, 5-11 days: We send two (the first and second) installments when 25% and 50% of your deadline has passed and, at this time, we will send you corresponding volumes of your total assignment i.e. 25% and 50% of your assignment.
  • If you give us a deadline of, say, 12 (or more) days: We send three (the first, second, and third) installments when 25%, 50%, 75% of your deadline has passed and, at this time, we will send you corresponding volumes of your total assignment i.e. 25%, 50%, and 75%.

The cost is just +15% on the total sum of the order.

* If a customer of wishes to get their completed order in other ways, we can devise a plan to fit their requirements. In these cases, the customers can discuss the specific details with the account manager assigned to their order.

Additional Services for Smaller Orders

If your order is less than 20 pages, there are a number of additional services we can offer you:

A Draft of Your Assignment

If you choose this option, you will get a draft of one page containing either 300 or 600 words (double or single spacing respectively) when 50% of the deadline you specified has passed. Hence, if you give us 4 days to complete your order, you will get your draft in 2 days.

Summary (Condensed to 1-Page) of Your Assignment

This service is an additional one we offer and it enables you to receive your whole assignment condensed onto 1 page. This page will show all the main points and it is a good option for anyone with a requirement to report on their research topic.

Extended Revisions

All customers of are guaranteed no-cost revisions for a limited period after their order is delivered – up to 48 hours. We can extend this time to 14 days if you feel you need more time.